Flying Our Nation’s WWII Veterans

Near the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Clint Cawley, a SkyWest Airlines first officer, kicked off a nationwide celebration of WWII Veterans with a very special passenger.

Joining him in a Stearman aircraft was none other than his grandfather, John Glomstad whom he refers to as “Farfar,” meaning grandfather in Norwegian. Farfar served in the Navy during WWII as a 2nd Class Radar Technician.

Farfar’s energy was inspiring. Adding to the excitement of the day, he also shared countless stories and memories from his service.

“My first job choice was to be a radar technician,” said Farfar. “At that time, it was a new rate, and very specialized, it took over a year of training.”

Farfar recalls his role being so new, his fellow sailors did not know what the insignias on his patches meant.

This flight is part of an effort known as Operation September Freedom. For two months, the Dream Flights Foundation, a nonprofit organization, is hosting similar flights across the country to celebrate other WWII Veterans and the contributions they made through their service.

Clint has been a volunteer pilot for the Dream Flights Foundation for three years, flying his own Stearman. This year he and his wife, a fellow pilot, donated the biplane to the foundation.

Renamed the Spirit of The Pacific it will be used to tell the story of the Pacific Theater and used to help honor our nation’s Veterans.

“This is a great event,” said Farfar, “it brings awareness to faith, country, and freedom. Joining the Navy was the experience of my life, and flying with Clint is the culmination of my time in the service,” reflected Farfar.

Thank you to Clint and all those involved in this admirable cause to give back to our nation’s Veterans.