• 29/06/24 - SkyWest Teams Give Back to Local Communities
    Since 1972, SkyWest people have been known for providing exceptional service in the skies and in the communities where we live and work. As SkyWest celebrates 52 years of flying this month, that commitment to giving back to the community has been on full display with our people volunteering at various food banks across the […]
  • 16/06/24 - Happy Father’s Day
    Happy Father’s Day to all our SkyWest dads and to the fathers who encouraged us to follow our dreams! Here’s what a few SkyWest people had to say about the dads in their lives in honor of Father’s Day. Kalley G., ERJ First Officer (MSP) “Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I’m incredibly thankful to have you […]
  • 01/06/24 - Happy Pride Month!
    June is Pride Month and SkyWest is honored to recognize our people! This month, we will be sharing stories from across the system highlighting some of those who make us the best regional airline in the industry. Cross Utilized Agent Jamie K. joined SkyWest in 2021 at Marquette Sawyer Regional Airport (MQT). It was there […]
  • 16/05/24 - AAPI: Honoring Diverse Histories and Cultures
    The SkyWest team is the best in the industry thanks to our people and the various skills and strengths we bring to work every day. As we continue to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, read what Captain Lauren A. and Mera B. have to say about their experience at SkyWest and how […]
  • 12/05/24 - Happy Mother’s Day!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing SkyWest moms and those inspiring mothers who fuel our aviation dreams! This includes the moms highlighted below who have shared their love for aviation and encouraged their kids to join the SkyWest team. Susan C. & Stacey J. Susan and her daughter, Stacey, share a love of flying […]
  • 02/05/24 - SkyWest Celebrates Asian American Pacific Islander Month
    May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month and at SkyWest we take pride in the rich diversity of our team and the various backgrounds and cultures of our people. Lika F. – Coordinator Crew Admin, HDQ Lika, a coordinator crew admin at HDQ, doesn’t limit celebrating her culture to just the month […]
  • 10/04/24 - National Siblings Day: Brothers and Pilots
    The choice to become a pilot is a monumental decision and it comes in many shapes and sizes. For some, it starts as a childhood dream and, for others, it comes from their adventurous spirit and desire to see the world. First Officer Colton S.’s decision came thanks to the example of his brother and […]
  • 31/03/24 - I Always Love Having an All-Female Crew
    SkyWest operates nearly 2,000 flights every day. In just the last few months, several of these flights have been operated by an all-female flight crew. While the overall flight itself may be ordinary, check out what our people had to say about these flights. ERJ Captain Claire F. and Flight Attendant Toni M. were part […]
  • 08/03/24 - Women in Aviation Who Have Led the Way
    Today is International Women’s Day. The story of women in aviation is one of courage, perseverance, and boundless ambition. From the earliest aviators who broke barriers to the modern-day pioneers who continue to push the boundaries of possibility, women have made groundbreaking contributions at SkyWest and across the aviation industry. Learn more about some of […]
  • 29/02/24 - Black History Month: Living My Lifelong Dream
    Black History Month: Living My Lifelong Dream
  • 16/02/24 - Black History Month: Community Contributors
    In honor of Black History Month, we asked several SkyWest team members to share their unique stories and tell us why this month is so important to them. Kamia B. – First Officer, DEN Joining the SkyWest team was a deliberate choice for First Officer Kamia B. She was drawn by our reputation as a […]
  • 01/02/24 - February is Black History Month
    This Black History Month, SkyWest is honored to recognize the Black men and women who help to make our airline the best in the industry. Throughout February, we will be featuring stories and updates from our own SkyWest employees. Mike M. – MX Admin, SBN Mike began his SkyWest journey over four years ago. He […]
  • 24/01/24 - SkyWest Celebrates #NationalComplimentDay
    Today is #NationalComplimentDay and we want to celebrate the amazing work that SkyWest people do each day! From emails, phone calls, notes and letters, people love to compliment our incredible team.


  • 22/12/23 - SkyWest Santa Visits Honduras
    CRJ Captain Zelaya Amaya grew up in Honduras and never experienced the traditional magic of Christmas. His family always celebrated the holidays with new clothes and fireworks, but with two brothers and four sisters, his parents had a lot of mouths to feed and Christmas presents weren’t in the budget. He always hoped that Santa […]
  • 30/11/23 - Native American Heritage Month: Embracing Heritage and Culture
    SkyWest is home to incredible people. This includes First Officer Emmalee G., and Flight Attendants Nicolette S. and Valerie S. who each shared their thoughts about Native American Heritage Month and how their background and experience has been a part of their careers at SkyWest. Nicolette S. – SLC Flight Attendant For Nicolette, becoming a […]
  • 28/11/23 - Giving Tuesday: SkyWest People Leading by Example
    SkyWest people are known for providing reliable air service to millions of passengers every month, but our work often goes beyond the airports we work in. Throughout 2023, SkyWest people have regularly gone above and beyond to give back in the communities where we live and work. In honor of #GivingTuesday, here are a few examples of how SkyWest teams are having a positive impact:
  • 15/11/23 - Native American Heritage Month: Culture and Tradition
    Native American Heritage Month, observed every November in the United States, is a time to honor and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of Native Americans. This month-long commemoration serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the history, struggles, and triumphs of Indigenous peoples in the Americas. Here is what a […]
  • 11/11/23 - Honoring Our SkyWest Veterans
    Veterans Day is a time to honor the brave individuals who have devoted themselves to serving America. It’s a chance to recognize their sacrifices, dedication, and their unwavering commitment to our country. Among the countless heroes who have selflessly served are many SkyWest people.  Command Master Chief Neal J. Neal, a Scottsbluff (BFF) cross utilized […]
  • 01/11/23 - Celebrating Native American Heritage Month
    November is Native American Heritage Month and SkyWest is proud to recognize our people and their varied backgrounds and cultures. Watch for stories throughout the month featuring some of our people, including Penny M., parts manager in South Bend, who is part of the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina, and DEN-based First Officer Maria M. […]
  • 15/10/23 - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
    For Hispanic Heritage month we’ve heard incredible stories from SkyWest people about their diverse journeys to aviation and how their culture has influenced their careers. As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we have several more stories to share: James B. Sr. and James B. – Cross Utilized Supervisors, Scottsbluff, Nebraska  For the Benitez […]
  • 06/10/23 - Cancer Awareness: Hope and Support
    Whether you are a survivor, advocate, community organizer or co-survivor, cancer affects all of us. Throughout October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month we will be sharing the stories of SkyWest people and their battles against cancer in its various forms. Flight Attendant Jaime R. and Captain Ricky M. have both faced the challenge of a […]
  • 29/09/23 - Hispanic Heritage Month: Sharing our Culture
    As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize the variety of backgrounds and cultures that make up the SkyWest team. Diana G., mechanic – IAH and Marisol C., AO training instructor shared their thoughts on the importance of this month and how their culture has influenced their careers.  What brought you to SkyWest?  Diana: […]
  • 09/08/23 - SkyWest Culture: Casting a Line for Connections
    It all started back in 2015 when a group of SkyWest mechanics in Colorado Springs decided to put their passion and skills for fishing to the test through a friendly competition. The idea took off, and the first fishing tournament resulted in an unforgettable event filled with laughter, fishing tales, and the thrill of the […]
  • 14/07/23 - SkyWest Recognized as an Outstanding Navy Reserve Employer
    SkyWest was recently recognized by the U.S. Navy as one of America’s outstanding Navy Reserve employers. We were nominated for the award by a current SkyWest employee for the support we provide to Veterans and reservists. “We honor and recognize the many employers who support our Citizen Sailors, who are often called upon to leave […]
  • 17/06/23 - Happy Father’s Day
    Lexi K. – CRJ First Officer (SLC) “My dad has been my inspiration to fly since I was a little girl. My brother and I both chose to become pilots because of him, and we were lucky enough to be trained by him and fly together here at SkyWest. “Growing up with my dad’s flight […]
  • 01/06/23 - Celebrating Pride Month
    Today marks the start of Pride Month! Throughout June we’ll be sharing more from SkyWest people about what Pride Month means to them as we continue to celebrate the diversity of our team! Ginny E. – MX Parts, DFW Ginny, Dallas-based lead parts clerk, says she is happy SkyWest recognizes the importance of unity and equality […]
  • 30/05/23 - AAPI: A Journey Through Culture
    SkyWest is home to incredible people. As we wrap Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’ve enjoyed sharing the stories of our team members. This includes people like Tala Maluia-Zepeda, a SkyWest flight attendant in San Diego, California. For Tautalafua Maluia – Zepeda, or Tala as everyone calls her, this month is more than just […]
  • 19/05/23 - AAPI: The Strengths of My Heritage and Culture
    In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we asked several SkyWest team members to share their unique stories and tell us why this month is so important to them. Meleasi Cornell – Station General Manager, EKO For Meleasi Cornell, this month allows Pacific Islanders like herself to share more about her heritage, successes, […]
  • 14/05/23 - Happy Mother’s Day
    “I’m so lucky to have my mom with me at SkyWest. She’s my mother and best friend. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her unconditional love and support. Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Dawn!”
  • 01/05/23 - AAPI: “Service, Belonging, and Relationships”
    May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month and SkyWest is honored to recognize the employees who help make us the best regional airline in the industry. Walter and Hannah Chi – AO, Aspen, Colorado (ASE) For Walter and Hannah Chi, ramp agents in Aspen, Colorado (ASE), being at SkyWest is a family […]
  • 30/04/23 - SkyWest Airlines Contributes to Make-A-Wish Utah
    SkyWest Airlines is a proud supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and helping to grant wishes for kids in need. This year, our support is helping benefit 15-year-old Ethan, who made a wish to attend space camp at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, the largest NASA facility. He wants to one day […]
  • 10/04/23 - National Siblings Day: Sisters at SkyWest
    The aviation industry is full of people’s stories reporting pivotal experiences that first fueled their desire to join the industry. For sisters Lia Tausinga and Sei Fa’ulao, the decision to join SkyWest was the result of years of those pivotal experiences. With family members who joined the industry in the ‘80s, a mother at a […]
  • 02/04/23 - SkyWest Supports On Board With Autism
    “You all let my son be just a kid yesterday without any labels,” said the mother of a young boy who participated in our recent On Board with Autism event. “The smile on him was pure happiness – the way it should be for a 7-year-old getting to experience his first plane.” Late last month, […]
  • 20/03/23 - From Passenger to Pilot in N712SK
    Many young passengers dream about what it would be like to be in the flight deck, flying an airplane when they are traveling. For SkyWest CRJ First Officer Derek Baker, that dream truly came full circle when he recently made an unexpected discovery. “I was going through some old photos and found an image from […]
  • 15/03/23 - Celebrating Women’s History Month
    In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked a few women to share their thoughts about what this month means to them and their experience at SkyWest. I flew as a pilot with SkyWest for eight years and it’s the highlight of my career. I was proud to be the first female check airman and […]
  • 16/02/23 - Black History Month: Celebrating Their Heroes
    In honor of Black History Month, we asked several SkyWest team members to share their unique stories and tell us why this month is so important to them. Nick Goodlett – DEN CRJ First OfficerThree years ago, First Officer Nick Goodlett boarded a flight to Denver, Colorado and started his SkyWest journey. He began his […]
  • 01/02/23 - SkyWest Celebrates Black History Month
    February is Black History Month and SkyWest is honored to recognize our Black employees who help make us the best regional airline in the industry. Throughout the month, we will feature updates from employees across the operation Sharing their thoughts about what Black History Month means to them and how their culture and background have shaped their experience at SkyWest.
  • 24/01/23 - National Compliment Day
    Happy National Compliment Day! We regularly receive emails, phone calls, notes and letters complimenting the incredible team we have here at SkyWest. Here are just a few of the messages we have received highlighting the care and service our people have provided: 


  • 21/12/22 - SkyWest Employees Raise Thousands for Utah Food Bank
    SkyWest people are known for giving back to the communities where we live and work, and we are proud to recognize SkyWest people for donating nearly $9,000 toward Utah Food Bank. SkyWest’s people mobilized quickly to donate $4,300, and the company match of the employee contributions bring the total donation to nearly $9,000. The Utah […]
  • 14/11/22 - Recognizing A War Hero
    SkyWest crewmembers Captain Jai Patel, First Officer Brian Osias and flight attendants Janae Hilton and Brenda Garrett recently had the chance to welcome August Sterling, onboard an American Eagle flight from Lake Charles Regional Airport (LCH) to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). August was a frogman for the U.S. Navy in 1951 and a […]
  • 15/10/22 - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
    Over the last 30 days, we’ve heard stories from SkyWest people that have shed light on the Hispanic culture and how their culture has shaped their stories. As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we have several more stories to share: Alfonso Giron Deola – CRJ Captain, ORDChristian Alvarado Lopez – CRJ First Officer, […]
  • 28/09/22 - Hispanic Heritage Month: Uniquely Us
    SkyWest is home to a diverse group of people who come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. SBP Station General Manager Jose Vasquez recently shared his thoughts about why Hispanic Heritage Month is so important. SkyWest: Why is Hispanic Heritage Month important to you? Jose: To me, Hispanic Heritage Month, along with all other such celebrations, […]
  • 15/09/22 - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
    Hispanic Heritage Month begins Sept. 15 and we are excited to hear from several SkyWest team members whose stories and accomplishments pay tribute to their culture. Christina Alvarez – Flight Attendant, FAT When she was eight years old, Christina Alvarez flew as an unaccompanied minor to her parents’ home state of Jalisco, Mexico. In an […]
  • 30/06/22 - SkyWest Celebrates Pride
    One of our San Francisco-based flight attendants celebrated Pride in a very special way this month. Veronica Rojas was on an Alaska mainline flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles when she surprised her girlfriend, Alejandra, with a proposal at 30,000 feet in the air. Alejandra, a new Alaska Airlines pilot, said yes, but there […]
  • 23/06/22 - Pride Month: Celebrating and Supporting the Team
    Every day we have the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the SkyWest team. As we continue to celebrate Pride Month, here is what a few of our people are saying about what the month means to them. Matt Taft – General Manager Station, MBS Seven years ago, Matt saw a SkyWest ad on a […]
  • 17/06/22 - Happy Father’s Day
    Happy Father’s Day to all our SkyWest dads and to the fathers who helped inspire us to follow our dreams! Here’s what a few SkyWest people had to say about the dads in their lives in honor of Father’s Day. Alec Wheeler – ERJ Captain (BOI) “My dad has been my inspiration to fly since […]
  • 01/06/22 - Celebrating Pride Month
    June is Pride Month and is dedicated to greater unity, visibility, and equality for LGBTQ+ individuals. Throughout the month we’ll be sharing updates from several SkyWest team members about what Pride Month means to them. Michelle Parent – ERJ Captain, SLC Captain Parent began her SkyWest journey 22 years ago thanks to a good friend […]
  • 29/05/22 - AAPI: Escaping War and Taking Flight
    In the 1970s, Cambodia was ruled by communist party Khmer Rouge. War had taken hold of the country and SkyWest Flight Attendant Phally Kent’s father was taken captive. Her mother was determined to keep the rest of her family together and they eventually escaped in 1975 by walking across the border to Thailand. There, they […]
  • 17/05/22 - AAPI: Pilots Embrace Asian Family History
    In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we asked several team members to share what this month means to them.  Adam and Daniel Malik – ERJ First Officers, LAX E175 First Officers Adam and Daniel Malik are first-generation Asian American brothers. They make up a small percentage of Asian pilots in […]
  • 08/05/22 - Happy Mother’s Day
    Happy Mother’s Day to all our SkyWest moms and to the mothers who helped inspire us to follow our dreams in aviation! Below are a few notes that our employees shared in honor of Mother’s Day: Kylie Powell – ERJ First Officer “My mom, Viki Powell, has always been such a big support throughout my […]
  • 01/05/22 - AAPI: My Ethnicity Shaped My Aviation Story
    As part of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we are excited to highlight some incredible employees we have working here at SkyWest. This includes people like Bruce Chang, a SkyWest A&P mechanic in Colorado Springs. Bruce says his SkyWest journey actually began before he was even born. “I enjoy being at SkyWest […]
  • 31/03/22 - Women’s History Month: Women Across the System
    Throughout the month, we’ve celebrated the diversity of the SkyWest team and the women who have each overcome different obstacles in their journey to the aviation industry. From all-female flight crews, to female mechanics and dispatchers, and even women of the past who paved the way for us today, we’ve all benefited from the positive […]
  • 16/03/22 - Celebrating SkyWest Women in Aviation
    As part of Women’s History Month, SkyWest is highlighting and recognizing employees across the system. Here is what a few had to say about the work they are doing.
  • 07/03/22 - Family in the Flight Deck
    Several years ago, Suzy and Donna Garrett made history when they took to the skies together as SkyWest’s first mother-daughter duo in the flight deck. On Jan. 23, 2022, the family reached a new milestone as Donna and her brother Mark were able to fly together with their mom, Suzy, joining them in the jumpseat. […]
  • 01/03/22 - Celebrating Women’s History Month
    March marks the beginning of Women’s History Month; a time when we reflect on the role of women and their contributions throughout history. In the aviation industry, Emily Howell Warner made history as the first U.S. airline captain in 1976. Decades later, more females are in the flight deck, and at SkyWest we’re excited to […]
  • 28/02/22 - Black History Month: Role Models
    As part of Black History Month we have been sharing the stories of several SkyWest team members. There are also a number of the Black aviation professionals on the SkyWest team who have helped to pave the way at our airline too: Beverley Mendez – Flight Attendant, SFOBeverley Mendez was among our first Black flight […]
  • 16/02/22 - Black History Month: Showing Your Character
    In honor of Black History Month, we asked several SkyWest team members to share their unique stories and tell us why this month is so important to them. Hal Jackman Jr. – CRJ Captain, ORD Five years ago, Hal Jackman, Jr. received a call from a friend who was also a SkyWest recruiter. He asked […]
  • 01/02/22 - Celebrating Black History Month
    February marks the start of Black History Month, honoring African American men and women and celebrating the contributions they’ve made. This includes many of our own SkyWest employees. Throughout the month we’ll be sharing some of their stories and highlighting how they are making an impact or inspiring others around them. Michelle McElwee – Flight […]
  • 12/01/22 - Chasing Flight Attendant Dreams
    SkyWest Flight Attendant Diane Hansen had big dreams to become a stewardess in the 1960s. Unfortunately, she never reached the 5’2” standard that was required. “I had a measuring tape attached to my doorframe and I would measure myself, but I never grew,” she said. As there were no exceptions to the rules, Diane decided […]


  • 29/10/21 - SkyWest Pilot Shares His Fight With Cancer
    For SkyWest pilot Bruce McNaughton, next month will mark 23 years since his last dose of chemotherapy. While not everyone is fortunate to beat cancer, Captain McNaughton is thankful for the extra time that has allowed him to see his kids grow up, and to continue his passion for aviation. The Denver ERJ Captain was […]
  • 15/10/21 - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
    SkyWest is proud to have a diverse team with many cultures and backgrounds represented throughout our workforce. This month we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month and heard from many of our employees about what their heritage means to them and how it plays a role at SkyWest. Here’s what they had to say: Paola Johnson — […]
  • 06/10/21 - SkyWest Supports Wings for Autism
    SkyWest crewmembers Captain Casey M., First Officer Daniel T., and Flight Attendants Sydney W. and Hunter H. recently had the chance to welcome a few special passengers onboard a CRJ at The Wings For Autism event at Minot International Airport (MOT). This special event provided an opportunity for kids and their families to experience all […]
  • 30/09/21 - Hispanic Heritage Month: Captain Azahar Makes Promise, Fulfills Dream
    As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize one of our pilots whose heritage has played a role in his career as a pilot. CRJ Captain Rene Azahar also credits his father for sparking his passion for aviation and for helping him get to where he is today. Despite the obstacles and hardships […]
  • 15/09/21 - Hispanic Heritage Month: “SkyWest Changed My Life”
    For SkyWest Flight Attendant JJ Jimenez Lopez, working in the aviation industry wasn’t something that had ever crossed his mind as he was growing up. That all changed when a friend and fellow SkyWest Flight Attendant Vanna Hoang, encouraged him to look into it. “I bumped into Vanna at a friend’s wedding and we just […]
  • 08/09/21 - Flying Our Nation’s WWII Veterans
    Near the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Clint Cawley, a SkyWest Airlines first officer, kicked off a nationwide celebration of WWII Veterans with a very special passenger. Joining him in a Stearman aircraft was none other than his grandfather, John Glomstad whom he refers to as “Farfar,” meaning grandfather in Norwegian. Farfar served in the Navy […]
  • 17/08/21 - “She Went Above And Beyond For Us”
    During a recent flight from Salt Lake City to Burbank, California, SkyWest Flight Attendant Shannon Dilling Damota was just going about her duties and doing her best to provide excellent customer service during an unfortunate delay. She didn’t think anything of it when she was entertaining kids and passing out snacks. But to the Kaye […]
  • 12/08/21 - SkyWest Pilots Share Aviation Knowledge with Teens
    Teens from across Chicago had a chance to learn what it’s like to work in aviation thanks to a group of SkyWest pilots: Captains Karl Nero and Khashon Haselrig, and First Officer Emmanuel Ogbebor. The pilots spent time with the group of 15 kids sharing their aviation knowledge as part of the annual Aerospace Career […]
  • 15/07/21 - SkyWest Flight Attendant Goes Above And Beyond, Unknowingly Goes Viral
    During a flight from Oklahoma City to Houston, SkyWest Flight Attendant Antonio Cromwell didn’t think anything of it when he sat on the floor to assist a passenger sitting in first class. Later that night, his phone started buzzing with texts and calls from family and friends telling him that he had gone viral. “At […]
  • 30/06/21 - Pride Month: SkyWest Employees Share Their Stories
    At SkyWest, we recognize, embrace and celebrate the differences that make each of our 14,000 aviation professionals unique. We are proud of our inclusive work environment and know we are stronger together because of our diversity. This month, several employees from across the system submitted stories about their SkyWest journey and what Pride Month means to them. Here’s […]
  • 23/06/21 - Pride Month: “SkyWest Was the Perfect Fit for Me”
    SkyWest is proud of our diverse team. As part of Pride Month, we are sharing stories and experiences from some of our LGBTQ+ employees. Here is what Stevie Russell, a Chicago-based flight attendant had to say: What does it mean to be part of the LGBTQ+ community? One word that jumps to mind when I […]
  • 20/06/21 - Happy Father’s Day: Thanks, Dad!
    The saying “it runs in the family” certainly rings true at SkyWest with aviation playing a big part for many of SkyWest’s 14,000 employees. To celebrate Father’s Day, and to show our dads and father figures just how much we appreciate them, we asked a few SkyWest employees to share how their dads have inspired […]
  • 12/06/21 - Encouraging the Next Generation of Female Pilots
    Denver-based CRJ First Officer Abby Jarve is passionate about women in aviation. She had an impactful mentor while she was in high school and beginning her pursuit of an aviation career, and is trying to do the same for the next generation of female aviators in her area. Abby recently took a group of high […]
  • 28/05/21 - Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Month
    SkyWest is proud to have a global team with many cultures represented throughout our workforce. This month we celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander Month by catching up with SkyWest team members across the system to share what their heritage means to them and how it plays a role at SkyWest and in their local […]
  • 19/05/21 - “SkyWest Is An Extension Of Our family”
    As part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, flight attendants Anna and Piraya Supa – both sisters – share what their heritage means to them and reflect on their experiences at SkyWest. Traveling between the United States and Thailand each year to visit their extended family, Anna and Piraya Supa – both sisters […]
  • 01/05/21 - AAPI Month: SkyWest Pilot And Flight Attendant Fulfill Dreams
    SkyWest pilot Claudia Liu and flight attendant Joel Larimer share what Asian American and Pacific Islander Month means to them and how their culture and background has shaped their experience at SkyWest. CRJ First Officer Claudia Liu did not follow the “typical” path to becoming a pilot. “I was always interested in art so after […]
  • 22/04/21 - “It Feels Good To Go Out And Make A Difference”
    Three years ago, while helping with cleanup projects in the Pacific Northwest, a friend challenged SEA First Officer Joseph Leatherman to pick up trash for 30 minutes a week. Not only did Joseph accept the challenge, but he upped the ante, telling her that he would pick up trash for 30 minutes each day. “I […]
  • 31/03/21 - Celebrating Women’s History Month
    There are countless women at SkyWest Airlines who help to make us the best airline in the industry and who are helping to inspire future generations of female aviation professionals. In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked team members to share their thoughts about what the month means to them and their experience at […]
  • 26/03/21 - Women’s History Month: “My Grandma Inspired Me To Fly”
    As part of Women’s History Month, PDX First Officer Lindsey Scott explains how she was inspired to become a pilot and reflects on her experience at SkyWest. The saying “it runs in the family” certainly holds true for SkyWest pilot Lindsey Scott. As a third generation female pilot in her family, Lindsey is grateful for […]
  • 11/03/21 - Women’s History Month: “Coming Back To SkyWest Was An Easy Choice”
    It was a moment that Minneapolis (MSP) Flight Attendant Debby Thompson won’t soon forget. After making her way to the gate to check-in, and then boarding the CRJ900 aircraft to work the last flight of the night, the nine-year veteran got a lovely surprise when she met her crewmembers working the flight from Minneapolis to […]
  • 08/03/21 - International Women’s Day: Nicole Crosby
    Nicole Crosby joined SkyWest in 2017 as an A&P mechanic. She is part of our Seattle, Washington (SEA) line station where she helps ensure that aircraft are in top condition for every flight. “I was always the only woman mechanic at any one station at other companies, but now I have the privilege of working […]
  • 26/02/21 - Celebrating Black History Month
    African Americans have, and continue to make, significant contributions to the aviation industry. This includes people like Perry Young Jr., who was the first African American to fly a commercial aircraft. He also trained many of the Tuskegee Airmen who played a pivotal role in World War II. There is also Bessie Coleman, who broke […]
  • 16/02/21 - Black History Month: “My Experiences Have Been Nothing Short of Amazing”
    SkyWest talks with one of our maintenance professionals who reflects on his aviation career and what Black History Month means to him. Reggie Teague, an A&P professional at SkyWest, is coming up on his 20th anniversary and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. The Houston-based maintenance supervisor has worked across the country and […]
  • 14/02/21 - A Match Made at the Airport
    Moving halfway around the world to start their careers as airline pilots, SkyWest Captains Daniel Suber and Kylie Dewar — who didn’t know each other until they met at SkyWest — admitted they got more than they bargained for when they joined the world’s largest regional airline. “We went from seatmates to soulmates pretty fast,” […]
  • 01/02/21 - SkyWest Team Members Reflect on What Black History Month Means to Them
    An important part of Black History Month is recognizing our Black employees who help make SkyWest the best regional airline in the industry. First Officer Joseph Ngabo, and Flight Attendants Jessie Newton and Diwan Williams, who have each had a chance to fly as part of an all-Black crew in the past, shared their thoughts […]
  • 13/01/21 - SkyWest named a Top 50 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor
    SkyWest Airlines is excited to announce we have once again been named a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards, Best Places to Work for 2021. This award is based entirely on the feedback of employees who have voluntarily and anonymously shared reviews on Glassdoor during the past year. This feedback resulted in SkyWest being named a top […]


  • 01/12/20 - SkyWest People Giving Year Around
    This year has placed a tremendous burden on families across the country and more people than ever are wondering where their next meal will come from. This #GivingTuesday and throughout December, SkyWest is partnering with the Utah Food Bank to provide our people an opportunity to help those less fortunate and share the Spirit of […]
  • 30/11/20 - Celebrating Native American Heritage Month
    Nicole Manson, Dispatcher, HDQ For SkyWest Dispatcher Nicole Manson, being Native American is something that she is proud of and holds close to her heart. She is a member of the Diné (Navajo) Tribe and was born and raised in LeChee, Arizona. Growing up on the Navajo reservation, Nicole credits her heritage and upbringing for […]
  • 27/11/20 - SkyWest Flight Attendant Helps a Young Passenger Starting a New Life
    SkyWest flight attendants cross paths with countless passengers from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. That extensive background is what made unaccompanied minor Janiyah stand out to Chicago-based flight attendant Tina Meeke on a recent flight. “I’ll never forget the feeling of sadness as she walked towards me. She looked a little nervous, and […]
  • 11/11/20 - Supporting Our Veterans From 6,700 Miles Away
    The 34th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade recently returned to Minnesota after being deployed for 10 months in the Middle East. There they flew a variety of missions in Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria and faced a number of challenging conditions. Among the many brave women and men in the brigade are 10 SkyWest pilots. Knowing how […]
  • 02/11/20 - Celebrating Native American Heritage
    Sam Capitan, Flight Attendant, SLC Sam Capitan is a member of the Navajo Nation. He has been flying with SkyWest since 2019 and is based in Salt Lake City (SLC) as a flight attendant. He loves the aviation industry and hopes to eventually become a pilot. “I am proud to be Navajo,” said Capitan. “Unfortunately, […]
  • 15/10/20 - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
    SkyWest is proud to have many different cultures represented throughout our workforce. This month we celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by catching up with SkyWest team members across our system to learn how their heritage plays a role in what they do every day at SkyWest and their local communities. Maintenance  Melissa Serrano, Maintenance Controller, HDQ […]
  • 10/10/20 - Flight Attendants Celebrate Family
    Melinda Lopez Detroit-based flight attendant Melinda Lopez and her parents were born in California, but her grandparents came to the United States from Spain and Mexico. “They came for a new experience and the rest is history,” said Lopez. “Being part of a Hispanic heritage is like being part of a big family. Everyone coming together […]
  • 03/10/20 - A Friendship Built from Adversity 
    It all started somewhere in the air between Helena, MT (HLN) and Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) when flight attendant Michael Gray saw that Santana, a 14-year-old onboard, was noticeably ill. The young passenger went from looking fine to suddenly appearing pale and in obvious pain. Michael notified forward flight attendant Julia Jarratt, who began […]
  • 18/09/20 - Celebrating the U.S. Air Force’s Birthday
    SkyWest is home to more than 3,000 Veterans and active-duty servicemen and woman, including hundreds who served in the U.S. Air Force. As we celebrate the Air Force’s 73rd birthday today, we asked a few of our MSP-based pilots to share how their experiences from the Air Force prepared them for working at SkyWest. Adam […]
  • 15/09/20 - Melissa Montiel Jimenez – A Latina Role Model
    SkyWest is known for its exceptional group of diverse people whose common goal is the pursuit of excellence. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize one of our own pilots whose heritage has played a key role in her career as a pilot. SkyWest ERJ First Officer Melissa Montiel Jimenez was born and raised […]
  • 10/09/20 - Pilots Complete Heroic Rescue Mission in California
    SkyWest people are known for going above and beyond and it’s not just limited to our flights. Brady Hlebain, a SkyWest first officer, and Joseph Rosamond, a member of SkyWest’s pilot cadet program, who are part of the California National Guard, flew a CH-47 Chinook helicopter that helped rescue more than 200 people trapped near […]
  • 09/07/20 - SkyWest CEO Named a Utah Business CEO of the Year Honoree
    SkyWest congratulates CEO Chip Childs, who was selected as a Utah Business CEO of the Year Honoree for 2020. Selected from over 200 nominees of top Chief Executives across the state, Childs’ leadership contributions in the state were recognized in March and officially announced in June for being a leader in the airline industry and for […]
  • 21/06/20 - A Surprise Retirement Flight
    Flying is in the DNA of Evan and Lee Broadbent. The brothers came to SkyWest over three years ago and are both based in MSP. Evan is a CRJ captain and Lee is a first officer on the CRJ. Their father, Lance, was a Marine pilot flying RF-4s. After his time in the military, he […]
  • 10/05/20 - Mother and Son Take Flight Together
    “Mom, secure the cabin.” Trenton Crull’s announcement from the flight deck was a moment a lifetime in the making and a thrill for both him and his mom. “I’ve had the privilege to fly both my mom and dad while they were passengers on my flight before, but being able to work with my mom […]
  • 28/04/20 - “Be Like Bob”
    SkyWest cross utilized agent Bob Gilkerson has spent most of his life in Pierre, South Dakota, but his recent act of small-town kindness attracted some big-city attention in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Last month, a passenger visiting family in Pierre (PIR) was dropped off at the airport and realized he had left his wallet at a […]
  • 23/04/20 - Using Your Wings to Give Back
    When First Officer Brian Lucas is not flying for SkyWest, he spends his time flying his Piper Cherokee to volunteer with different organizations in need of a plane and pilot. Lucas started volunteering his time as a pilot as a way to build hours en route to becoming a commercial pilot. He enjoyed volunteering so […]
  • 08/03/20 - Experience Pays: First Officer Balances Career and Family with SkyWest 121 Program
    Lucy Czupryn, a SkyWest Airlines E175 first officer based in Chicago, started her career as a pilot flying for a different 121 operator. She spent five years gaining valuable flight experience and building her seniority. Then, she shifted her focus to starting a family and left aviation. “When I started my family, I wasn’t sure […]
  • 14/02/20 - The Love Language of Flight!
    A passion for the miracle of flight is one of the most common motivators for people joining the airline industry. And finding others who share that passion can lead to great relationships and, in some cases, even the love of their lives. This Valentine’s Day, we asked a few SkyWest couples to share how SkyWest […]
  • 02/01/20 - Dispatch Doubles: Twins Share Their Experience as SkyWest Aircraft Dispatchers
    Matt and Mike Jacox – identical twins and dispatchers at SkyWest Airlines – are used to all of the double takes and questions that come with being identical twins. “When we first started at SkyWest, we had different shifts and people would call us the wrong name because we looked and sounded so much alike,” […]


  • 18/12/19 - SkyWest Fantasy Flight Flies Children to The North Pole!
    For the 13th year running, SkyWest Airlines flew a group of children to “the North Pole” as part of the annual Fantasy Flight at Colorado Springs Airport! Together with the Junior League of Colorado Springs (JLCS) and CPCD…giving children a head start, SkyWest welcomed nearly 30 children and their families to enjoy a night full […]
  • 22/11/19 - Farewell Captain Victor Mourao
    SkyWest is home to some of the best aviators in the industry who are highly sought after thanks to high-quality training programs, experience and commitment to quality. Flying for four major airline partners into more than 250 airports across North America, SkyWest pilots have more exposure to opportunity than any other regional pilot. One SkyWest […]
  • 19/11/19 - Flight Attendants Spring Into Action
    SkyWest’s more than 4,000 flight attendants provide exceptional service and help to tens of thousands of passengers every day. They’re also well trained to respond to a variety of emergency situations, including unexpected medical problems. On Oct. 18, SkyWest flight 5596, operating as United Express, was flying from Chicago to Halifax, Nova Scotia when a […]
  • 11/11/19 - Bringing Military Experience to SkyWest
    This Veterans Day, we salute all the men and women who have and continue to bravely serve our country in the armed forces. SkyWest Airlines is home to more than 1,600 veterans. Their experience and expertise help us deliver high-quality, reliable service on our more than 2,300 daily flights. Bryann Smith, a maintenance crew lead […]
  • 10/11/19 - SkyWest Teams Serving Those Who Have Served
    SkyWest teams provide impeccable service to hundreds of thousands of passengers every month, including veterans and active members of the military. This has provided a variety of opportunities to recognize them for their service and has sparked some unforgettable friendships. Here are just a few recent examples. Navy SEAL Reunion The following is from Marianne […]
  • 25/10/19 - SkyWest Teams Prepare 10,000 Pounds of Food for Those in Need
    SkyWest people provide exceptional service to millions of passengers every month on flights across the country. And the service doesn’t stop there; they also find countless ways to give back in the communities where they live and work. Just recently, teams of pilots, flight attendants and airport operations agents volunteered their time to help fight […]
  • 17/10/19 - Celebrating SkyWest’s Third Year at Wings for Autism
    SkyWest’s diverse team mobilizes the company’s values through the service we provide to our customers each day and by giving back in the communities where we live and work. This month SkyWest marked its third year participating in Wings for Autism in Fresno, culminating in our seventh Wings for Autism event of the year.  Wings […]
  • 20/09/19 - SkyWest Teams Celebrate Appreciation Week 2019!
    Appreciation Week is a unique time at SkyWest Airlines. It’s a full week that is set aside to celebrate the more than 14,000 people that make SkyWest the industry’s best. This year the week was filled with food, games, photo booths, visits from executive leaders, and much more. It’s a time to have fun and […]
  • 06/09/19 - SkyWest First Officer Reaches 20,000 Feet, Without a Plane
    When he’s not climbing to 35,000 feet as a pilot, SkyWest CRJ First Officer Ralf Socher is climbing mountains nearly as high! This past year, Socher had the chance to traverse and summit Denali. At 20,310 feet, Denali is the highest peak in North America. This height and it’s location near the Arctic Circle make […]
  • 16/06/19 - Father’s Day: Following in Dad’s Footsteps
    For many pilots, having the opportunity to be at the controls of an aircraft with their dad is a far-fetched dream. At SkyWest Airlines, those dreams are a reality for generations of family pilots who work at the company and at times, even fly together. “It has been the highlight of my career to be […]
  • 05/06/19 - SkyWest Salutes D-Day Veteran on 75th Anniversary
    SkyWest is honored to have been part of one veteran’s special journey back to Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Mr. Joseph Morettini, a U.S. Army veteran, was travelling to France this month for the international commemoration. These memorials and remembrances hold a special place in Mr. Morettini’s heart, as he served as […]
  • 30/05/19 - SkyWest’s First Female Maintenance Controller
    Melissa Serrano is no ordinary mechanic. Starting her career at SkyWest in 2015 in the ORD hangar, Serrano is now the first female maintenance controller in SkyWest Airlines history. ”I knew it was a man’s field, but I knew it was something I could do,” said Serrano. When an aircraft is removed from service for […]
  • 21/05/19 - Preparing for Flight: Autism Awareness Events
    Few things bring as much wonder and excitement to little children as flying on a big aircraft to diverse locations. But for some, especially those with Autism and other sensory sensitivities, this experience is anything but exciting. It can be overwhelming and even a little scary. To help, several SkyWest teams have recently joined forces with The […]
  • 12/05/19 - SkyWest’s First Mother-Daughter Pilots Take to the Skies
    SkyWest CRJ Captain Suzy Garrett has much to celebrate this Mother’s Day. Reaching 30 years of SkyWest service May 1, Captain Garrett is one of SkyWest’s longest-tenured pilots and was the eleventh female pilot hired at SkyWest. Her husband Doug flies at American Airlines after a decade with SkyWest, their son Mark is currently building […]
  • 24/04/19 - “It’s Just Exhilarating to Be Able to Fly”
    Each SkyWest pilot has their own story of what motivated them to become a pilot and their own unique reasons for why they love to fly: Some love the thrill and exhilaration of leaving the ground, while others enjoy the privilege and responsibility of flying one of SkyWest’s 482 aircraft as they bring travelers to […]
  • 10/04/19 - Learning From the Best: A Family of Flyers
    Many pilots have a pivotal experience or memory that first aligned them with a desire to take to the skies. Detroit-based SkyWest CRJ Captain Alexander Hilsen encountered many of those moments from an early age. With both parents and an older sister as pilots, Alexander grew up in an aviation-focused household that took his career […]
  • 26/03/19 - Revving Engines for Charity at the Annual SkyWest Mini Indy
    For the 19th year running, SkyWest Airlines, along with local partners and airline vendors, hosted the annual Mini Indy, the airline industry’s premier charity event. Teams traveled to Southern Utah from around the globe to compete on a newly-designed track that started with a wet corner followed by twists and turns that challenged the drivers […]
  • 13/03/19 - Meet the SkyWest Pilot Recruiters Attending WAI in 2019!
    SkyWest Airlines will be attending the 2019 International Women in Aviation Conference (WAI) in Long Beach, California this week. The three-day event – which runs from Thursday through Saturday – will feature keynote speakers talking about the latest innovations in the industry, as well as workshops and networking opportunities. This year marks the 30th anniversary […]
  • 14/02/19 - Love is in the Air: SkyWest Crew Members Marry; Continue Family Tradition
    The saying “it runs in the family” certainly holds true for the Lucas household. With both parents working in the aviation industry, SkyWest Captain Mitch Lucas II quickly grew a love for flying as he followed in his parents’ footsteps when he was hired at SkyWest in 2014. “My dad was a pilot at SkyWest […]
  • 22/01/19 - Looking Back at SkyWest’s 2018 Philanthropic Events
    To make the world a better place, it takes consistent acts of kindness and positive contributions, and that is exactly what SkyWest employees do on a daily basis! Whether they are volunteering their time to fly toys to children’s hospitals, or working at the local food bank – SkyWest employees are making magic happen. To […]
  • 10/01/19 - The Life of a SkyWest Mechanic
    So, you’ve caught the aviation bug! We don’t blame you. We love airplanes too. So we invited Tom Himka, Colorado Springs Maintenance Manager to give us an overview of what it’s like to be a SkyWest Mechanic. Starting a new career can be a bit overwhelming, and you probably have plenty of questions. For instance, […]


  • 14/12/18 - Now Boarding to the North Pole – SkyWest Fantasy Flight in COS
    “I don’t think there’s another place in the world tonight with more magic than right here, right now.” Few things bring as much awe and wonder to children as flying in an airplane. Throw in a flight to the “North Pole” and you have a night of magic and fantasy. For the 12th straight year, […]
  • 07/12/18 - SkyWest Pilots Make Special Landing at St. Luke’s Children Hospital
    SkyWest pilots made a special landing at St. Luke’s Children Hospital in Boise, Idaho last week to help spread some holiday cheer. The pilots turned their pilot hats in for some Santa caps as they visited with patients throughout the day. SkyWest Captain P.M. Schneidau as well as First Officers Luc Levasseur and Zeb Baney, […]
  • 30/11/18 - Aviation Students Tour BOI Hangar
    SkyWest teams across the country are doing their part to encourage the next generation of aviators! From fulfilling a job-shadowing request, to providing sight-seeing tours – SkyWest people are continually inspiring those with an interest in aviation. Recently, SkyWest Airlines hosted a group of aviation students from Treasure Valley Community College at the Boise, Idaho […]
  • 27/11/18 - SkyWest People Give Back
    SkyWest people are continually finding ways to give back to their communities. The Spirit of SkyWest: Our People in Action program supports dozens of charitable 501(c)(3) causes employees are passionate about. Through this program, SkyWest and its people have donated to over 40 organizations nationwide — and that’s just one of the many positive ways […]
  • 23/11/18 - SkyWest’s Lewiston Team Gives Back
    The SkyWest customer service team in Lewiston, Idaho (LWS) is giving back to the community this season by donating their time at the Idaho Food Bank. The team of 11 leveraged their teamwork to categorize and assemble food, sorting over 2,300 pounds of food during their first visit. While they’re generally working together to provide exceptional […]
  • 21/11/18 - SkyWest Crew Surprises High School Senior with Memorable Tour at PDX
    High school student MaKenna Albert has always had a love for flying. She reached out to SkyWest Pilot Denise Langholz, asking about the possibility of taking an aircraft tour for her senior project. What MaKenna didn’t realize, however, was that she was in for a treat, as Captain Langholz and the entire SkyWest team rolled […]
  • 18/11/18 - SkyWest Bases Host Family Fly-ins
    On top of providing crews with some of the best flying opportunities in all the industry, SkyWest Airlines is proud of the culture of teamwork that extends across the 13,000 aviation professionals at the airline. And that team spirit was on display as SkyWest people at hubs across the country organized fly-in picnics for employees […]
  • 28/10/18 - Father and Son Co-Pilot First Flight Together – Delivery of a New E175
    “Roger that Dad, … I mean Captain.” Brent Wilson, a SkyWest pilot and manager of aircraft operations, along with his son Michael, a newly-minted first officer, recently saw their dreams come true when they operated their first flight together. It was a special moment for both SkyWest employees as the father-son duo took delivery of […]
  • 09/10/18 - SkyWest Pilots Give Back To Aviation Community
    Whether its search and rescue missions to finding missing hikers, or coming to the rescue when natural disasters strike (Tornadoes, Hurricanes, etc.), the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), with its 60,000 members, continues to support communities across the country by donating their time and aviation expertise to provide essential services for those in need. SkyWest pilots […]
  • 02/10/18 - SkyWest Cadets Enjoy Night at the Ballpark
    SkyWest cadets in the Phoenix area were treated to a night at the ballpark last week, as more than 40 joined SkyWest Airlines to watch the Diamondbacks win on a walk-off home run over the Dodgers at Chase Field. The event was sponsored by SkyWest and gave cadets the chance to interact with pilot recruiters […]
  • 26/09/18 - SkyWest ORD Team Puts Their Strength to the Test for a Good Cause
    On Saturday, Sept. 22, SkyWest Airlines participated in the 10th Annual Special Olympics Plane Pull hosted by United Airlines and UPS in Chicago. The Plane Pull event is the ultimate tug-of-war competition as teams of 20 battle to pull a UPS Airbus A300 or United Airlines 737, weighing more than 180,000 lbs over 12 feet […]
  • 23/09/18 - SkyWest Crews Volunteer for Wings for Autism Event in Boise
    The airport is fast-paced, loud and can be overwhelming for almost anyone. For those with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, it can be unfamiliar and even scary. It is easy to understand why families who have children with such disabilities shy away from the airport. That’s why SkyWest Airlines teamed up with Boise Airport, The Arc of […]
  • 21/09/18 - SkyWest Celebrates OKC Hangar Opening
    SkyWest was pleased to host a ribbon cutting ceremony and recruiting event at our new Oklahoma City Airport (OKC) hangar on Thursday, marking the latest addition to our impressive maintenance footprint! The ceremony was attended by local dignitaries including Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt and Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Chair Rhonda Hooper. This […]
  • 17/09/18 - A True Blue SkyWest Appreciation Week
    Appreciation Week 2018 is officially in the books and it was a week to remember! From pancake breakfasts to BBQs to photo booths and shoe shining, teams across the system went all out to show appreciation for each other. It is that appreciation and respect for one another that continues to make SkyWest the Partner, […]
  • 08/09/18 - Learning From the Best: Inspired by Mom to Take Flight
    For most of us in aviation, we distinctly remember always having a fascination with the miracle of flight. And this is no different for Detroit based First Officer – Brooke Patterson. Inspired by her mother’s successful flying career and love of aviation, Brooke embarked on her own path to becoming a pilot. Read her story […]
  • 31/08/18 - SkyWest Scholarship Program Awards Over 100 Outstanding Students
    Congratulations to this year’s SkyWest Airlines Scholarship recipients! SkyWest is home to the best and brightest in the industry and that fact was emphasized by the caliber of employees and dependents vying for this year’s scholarships. We received more than 150 applications from students across the SkyWest system, all with pursuits of higher education. In the […]
  • 25/08/18 - SkyWest CEO Chip Childs Presents at International Aviation Forecast Summit
    Nearly 400 airline executives, aircraft manufacturers and industry leaders gathered together in Denver for the 23rd Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit (IAFS) this week to talk about the future of aviation. The topics discussed included new industry trends, aircraft orders, deliveries and ways to enhance the customer service experience. The four-day event consisted of […]
  • 24/08/18 - My SkyWest Journey: Father and Son Take To The Skies
    Doug and Alec Wheeler’s shared love of flight led them to follow their dreams to become pilots. Their SkyWest journeys were each different, but this father and son duo pushed their way to become CRJ first officers for SkyWest Airlines and fulfill their goal to become pilots. When the market crashed in 2008, Doug Wheeler’s […]
  • 16/08/18 - Now Boarding Special Passengers: OAJ to “FUN”
    For kids with autism, experiencing the miracle of flight is often difficult due to their sensitivities to noise, large groups and the unknown. That’s where a SkyWest crew recently stepped in to help a group of these children have the opportunity to experience flight in safe, non-stressful environment in Jacksonville, North Carolina (OAJ). The event […]
  • 21/06/18 - SkyWest Welcomes Industry Leading Aircraft Maintenance Log
    For more than four and half decades, SkyWest Airlines has led the way for operational and safety advancements in the regional airline industry. Today, after years of preparation and led by cross-departmental collaboration, each of SkyWest’s 443 aircraft is fully equipped with an Electronic Maintenance Log (eAML). SkyWest is the first commercial airline in the […]
  • 20/06/18 - Flight Attendant Impresses Passenger with Helpfulness and Courtesy
    SkyWest people are constantly looking for ways to provide outstanding service, even outside of their normal daily work responsibilities. Recently, customer Maurice Griffin was connecting to a SkyWest flight in Atlanta and experienced this hallmark service for himself after Maddie Dougherty, an Atlanta-based flight attendant supervisor, went out of her way to help him get […]
  • 15/06/18 - Learning from the Best: Thanks, Dad!
    For some, aviation runs in the family! We reached out to Chicago based First Officer Tristan Mazzu to share how her father – also a pilot – encouraged her aviation career. To say I grew up around aviation was an understatement. An American Airlines pilot for a father and Delta Air Lines flight attendant for […]
  • 13/06/18 - Our People in Action – CMX Bowl for Kids
    Earlier this year, the SkyWest team in Houghton/Hancock, Michigan (CMX) laced up their bowling shoes to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) and help deliver crucial mentoring programs that serve the local community. At the U.P. Kids’ Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bowl for Kids event, SkyWest team members Nicole Johnson, Mary Lou Mercier, […]
  • 18/05/18 - SkyWest Offers Flight Rehearsal with Wings for Autism
    For many, the task of going to the airport, boarding a plane and reaching their final destination is pretty simple. Most travelers have learned that lines and big crowds in the airport are a typical part of the travel process. But for others, especially those on the autism spectrum, and their families, the task of […]
  • 14/05/18 - SkyWest and Habitat for Humanity Build Up Casper
    Last weekend, the SkyWest team in Casper, Wyoming (CPR) had the chance to give back to the community by working with Habitat for Humanity to help build and repair homes in the city of Casper. Seven SkyWest team members, along with their families, volunteered their time and hard work for the community they love while the […]
  • 11/05/18 - SkyWest Crew and Make-A-Wish Work Together for Memorable Flight
    For 5-year-old Scarlett, a recent trip on a SkyWest flight to start off her Make-A-Wish journey on a Disney Cruise was made even more memorable thanks to Chicago crew members Captain Kevin Jones, First Officer Troy Halterman, and Flight Attendants Tania Randall and Rachel Bryan, who made sure Scarlett’s journey started on a high note. […]
  • 01/05/18 - SkyWest Family Shows Up During Time Of Need
    “If you ask why I choose SkyWest, I’ll tell you it’s the culture!” Those were words written by Kirksey Hagan, a new SkyWest CRJ first officer in training. She joined the SkyWest team last month and had an immediate introduction to the SkyWest family going above and beyond after she experienced a medical emergency. When […]
  • 30/04/18 - SkyWest Inspires Next Generation of Flyers!
    This spring, children across the SkyWest system are trading in their school supplies for their wings to get a an up close look at what it takes to safely operate more than 2,100 flights a day as part of Bring Our Kids to Work Day. This annual tradition not only gives the next generation of […]
  • 21/03/18 - How I Became a SkyWest Pilot: Anna Yackshaw
    Anna Yackshaw, a SkyWest CRJ first officer, was born into a family of aviation. Often going on imaginary flights with her grandfather, a Corsair pilot, her decision to fly professionally was made long before she reached the conclusion on her own. It wasn’t until after a visit to the University of Dubuque during high school […]
  • 07/03/18 - My Path to Becoming a SkyWest Captain: Jake Nelson
    When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Jake Nelson always had an answer: a professional airline pilot. He was just 9 when he flew his first airplane, and the rest is history! With help from an encouraging mom and dad as well as many supportive mentors along the way, Jake was […]
  • 09/01/18 - In the Flight Deck with SkyWest: Behind the Scenes
    Recently, we showed a glimpse inside the flight deck with two of our SkyWest pilots. This rare behind-the-scenes footage was captured with six cameras mounted throughout different areas of the aircraft, giving our viewers the best seats in the house to watch our pilots in action! A total of four cameras were placed inside the […]


  • 30/12/17 - A Year of Giving Back
    The Spirit of SkyWest has always been its people. Never has that been more evident than in 2017, when teams came together to give back to deserving causes around the SkyWest system as well as help team members who faced unforeseen tragedies. From helping build homes alongside Habitat for Humanity to mark 45 years of […]
  • 19/12/17 - SkyWest Team Provides Thousands of Meals through Holiday Donations
    SkyWest people have worked all year long to give back in our communities as we celebrate 45 years of flying, making 2017 one of our most giving years ever. As we wrap up a year that has included building houses with Habitat for Humanity in Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles; donating thousands […]
  • 15/12/17 - Pilot and Son’s Story Comes Full Circle at SkyWest Flight to the North Pole
    When Chicago-based CRJ Captain Tim Schuh heard about the opportunity to serve as crew on the SkyWest-sponsored Flight to the North Pole benefiting children with life-threatening illness in the Milwaukee area, he immediately volunteered to serve as Captain of the special flight.  He was eager to give back after his personal experience at the Milwaukee […]
  • 11/12/17 - SkyWest Flies Children to “North Pole”
    Pure joy and merriment filled the Colorado Springs, Colorado (COS) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (MKE) airports this weekend as SkyWest crews flew more than 100 children to a special destination not found on any route map: the North Pole. SkyWest Fantasy Flight – COS At the 11th annual Fantasy Flight, SkyWest crews gave Rudolph the night […]
  • 21/11/17 - SkyWest Pioneer Captain Mary Conti Retires After 32 Years
    After 32 years of dedicated service, Palm Springs (PSP) Captain and SkyWest’s first female captain Mary Conti retired on Saturday. Captain Conti was one of the first female pilots at SkyWest and the longest-tenured female pilot in SkyWest’s 45-year history. “I want to thank Captain Conti for her leadership and professionalism over her decades-long career […]
  • 14/11/17 - Chicago Habitat for Humanity Family Welcomed Home
    A grateful family of five was recently welcomed home for the first time at a Chicago Habitat for Humanity home dedication; a house SkyWest people worked together to help build. “This home means peace of mind. You never know what the future will bring, but we’ll know [our kids and grandkids] always have a home to go to,” said Shuanta and Mike […]
  • 07/11/17 - SkyWest People Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer!
    Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month and SkyWest employees from around the system teamed up to support the fight and bring awareness through generous donations and events! Throughout the month, team members donated to the American Cancer Society for a chance to win a SkyWest CRJ200 aircraft model and SkyWest matrix jacket. Congratulations to […]
  • 29/09/17 - SkyWest at Girls in Aviation Day
    On Saturday, Sept. 23, SkyWest people celebrated Girls in Aviation Day at events held around the country. Girls in Aviation Day is held by Women in Aviation International (WAI) each September and looks to bring the passion, exploration, learning and excitement of aviation to girls aged 8-17. This year, SkyWest sponsored two WAI Girls in […]
  • 22/09/17 - SkyWest Teams Strong at ORD Plane Pull for Special Olympics
    As part of SkyWest’s Appreciation Week festivities, Chicago based crewmembers joined together to raise money for The Special Olympics in the ultimate tug of war – competing to pull a plane by a rope.  Teams “SkyWest” and “SkyWest Strong” put their muscles to the test pulling an Airbus A300; no easy feat considering it weights […]
  • 18/09/17 - SkyWest Appreciation Week 2017!
    Games, photos, fun and plenty of food were just some of the ways SkyWest’s more than 12,200 team members celebrated each other and their amazing work as part of Appreciation Week 2017. This year, SkyWest employees have already helped successfully operate more than 500,000 flights while adding 56 aircraft to the fleet and welcoming two new […]
  • 09/09/17 - SkyWest Bands Together in Relief Efforts
    In recent weeks, Mother Nature has made her presence known across the states, with Hurricane Harvey making landfall and devastating parts of Texas and Louisiana, then Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria following in Florida and Puero Rico respectively. In true SkyWest fashion, people stepped forward immediately asking how they could help their team members in […]
  • 01/09/17 - My SkyWest Journey: SAN and BOI Pilots Return Home with New Bases
    Today, two new SkyWest domiciles opened: San Diego (SAN) and Boise, Idaho (BOI). With the addition of SAN and BOI, SkyWest now has 17 domiciles in operation across the country. To hear about how having more domicile options improved their quality of life, we reached out to two captains who are returning to their hometowns. […]
  • 21/08/17 - Tips to Prep for Your SkyWest Interview
    Applying and interviewing for your dream job can be a bit daunting, but to help you here are some tips to help you feel prepared for an interview at SkyWest Airlines: Do some research! A good place to start is on our company “About Us” page and our SkyWest history timeline. Study the duties and […]
  • 08/08/17 - Be Ready for Your Upgrade
    SkyWest is known for one of the best pilot training programs in the industry. From a pilot’s first contact with SkyWest’s training department at our ATP CTP course to captain upgrade training, SkyWest is focused on professionalism and proficiency for every pilot. We use an AQP curriculum, and our certified SkyWest instructors are all SkyWest […]
  • 14/07/17 - SkyWest Scholarship Program Awards 45 Outstanding Students
    Congratulations to this year’s SkyWest Scholarship recipients! SkyWest is home to the best and brightest in the industry and that fact was emphasized by the caliber of employees and dependents vying for a shot at this year’s awards. More than 150 driven students with lofty goals and aspirations applied for a chance to receive one […]
  • 10/07/17 - SkyWest Partners with Habitat for Humanity to Celebrate 45 Years!
    SkyWest Airlines celebrated 45 years of flight on June 19, 2017. To commemorate, SkyWest people traded their wings for shovels, hammers and work gloves to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Over the course of a few weeks, dozens of employees came together alongside Habitat for Humanity to donate their time […]
  • 18/06/17 - Families that Fly Together: Thanks Dad!
    For brothers Robert and Cory Rice, SkyWest is quite literally part of the family. Inspired to become pilots by their father, retired SkyWest Captain Brent Rice, Robert and Cory told us about how aviation, and SkyWest, runs in their blood. “Before my dad got into flying he was in a high stress business,” said Captain […]
  • 12/06/17 - Pilot Becomes Life Changing Pen Pal
    Thirteen-year-old Samuel and his mom have become frequent SkyWest passengers as they’ve traveled to receive treatment for Samuel’s medical complications. Last summer, while waiting to board a SkyWest aircraft, Samuel got the chance to speak to the pilot, Seattle ERJ Captain Jeff Ross. The brief interaction gave Samuel a new friend and a new outlook […]
  • 19/05/17 - SkyWest Brings the Miracle of Flight to Wings for Autism
    Last week, SkyWest teams in Fresno, California, worked together to operate a flight much different than our typical 2,000 flights a day. This unique operation brought the miracle of flight to 50 special passengers as part of the first ever Wings for Autism® event in California. After checking in at the ticket counter, the children […]
  • 14/05/17 - Learning from the Best: Thanks Mom!
    For some of our team, working at SkyWest Airlines runs in the family! We reached out to a couple members of the team to ask them about what makes their moms so great in their SkyWest roles and what they’ve learned as they’ve started their own SkyWest careers. Laurie Robinson joined the SkyWest Customer Service team […]
  • 03/05/17 - Welcome SkyWest Future Flyers!
    Over the past couple of weeks, SkyWest people in several locations gave a warm welcome to our Future Flyers as part of Bring Our Kids to Work Day 2017. These events gave kids a firsthand look into SkyWest and what it takes to safely operate 2,000 flights a day across the country. Events were highlighted […]
  • 24/04/17 - SkyWest Pilot Brings Easter Fun on Flight
    Many children wake up Easter morning excited to hunt for eggs with their families, and SkyWest Captain Vincent Wood was not going to let the children aboard his flight from Chicago to Atlanta miss that opportunity this year. Captain Wood purchased sealed plastic eggs containing sweet tarts and stickers inside and brought them onboard for […]
  • 17/04/17 - SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program
    The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program provides a direct path for exceptional pilots with a desire to Take Control of their aviation careers. Enhanced seniority, guaranteed final interview, and access to pilot mentors are just a few of the upgrades students can receive by becoming a SkyWest Cadet on your way to becoming one of SkyWest’s […]
  • 23/02/17 - SkyWest Airlines at Women in Aviation International Conference
    We are looking forward to attending the Women in Aviation International Conference in Orlando, Florida on March 2-4! Our pilot recruitment and maintenance recruitment teams will be at the event talking about life at SkyWest, answering questions and holding on-site interviews. In addition to our recruiters, we also have SkyWest pilots who are presenting at […]
  • 14/02/17 - Love is in the Air: Why I Love Flying
    As chocolate hearts and red roses fly off the shelves for Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked our SkyWest Pilots to share what they love most about flying. I love flying because I’ve truly been able to make a career out of a hobby. Every day I come to work I get excited to be at the […]
  • 13/01/17 - SkyWest Provides CTP Course for Pilots
    SkyWest pilots have more opportunity, exposure and access than any other regional pilot. With over a dozen domiciles, a fleet of over 360 airplanes, and flying agreements with four mainline partners – United, Delta, American and Alaska, SkyWest has excellent quality of life for every First Officer. And in addition, SkyWest has the best training […]
  • 03/01/17 - SkyWest Top Service Moments of 2016
    Whether it’s taking care of our fleet, our operation, our passengers or our employees, SkyWest people provide great acts of service every day of the year. With the New Year upon us, take a look at just a few of the top service stories shared with us in 2016. Captain Praised for Act of Kindness […]


  • 22/12/16 - SkyWest Teams Spread Holiday Cheer
    While it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, SkyWest employees make time to give back to the local communities in which they work and live. In addition to the recent Fantasy Flight in Colorado Springs and Flight to the North Pole in Milwaukee, this year SkyWest people […]
  • 15/12/16 - Now Boarding for the North Pole!
    SkyWest’s industry-leading team works together every day of the year to carry more than 30 million passengers to 202 destinations throughout North America. Recently, the SkyWest team had the opportunity to take some very special passengers to a magical destination not found on a SkyWest route map: the North Pole! SkyWest Fantasy Flight in Colorado […]
  • 08/12/16 - SkyWest Maintenance Teams Give Back in Salt Lake City
    SkyWest’s maintenance team is among the best in the industry; and their experience working nose to tail on our four fleet types provides an unmatched level of expertise. Recently, mechanics at our SLC (Salt Lake City) maintenance base volunteered their time and expertise to the Leonardo Museum, sharing their love for the miracle of flight […]
  • 17/11/16 - Ready for Takeoff: Future Pilot in the Making
    In his excitement to travel from Chicago to Moline, Illinois, little 3-year-old Declan Halpin had been running around in his fire truck jammies pretending to be a pilot all day. “Declan could not have been more excited about flying ‘way up in the sky’ in an airplane,” Declan’s mother, Elizabeth Halpin, said. When the SkyWest flight […]
  • 11/11/16 - Honoring Our Veterans
    SkyWest is home to more than 1,000 men and women who are serving or have served our country, many of whom are in the reserves and can be called on at any moment to active service. As part of our team of more than 11,000, these brave individuals put their background and experience to work […]
  • 04/11/16 - Behind the Scenes Look At Our Operation in Action
    At SkyWest, our people work together to complete 1,800 flights each day to more than 200 destinations across North America. Catch a glimpse of our operation with this 360 degree time-lapse video recorded this summer at our SLC hub. Each day SkyWest completes more than 130 departures from Terminal 2 of the Salt Lake City […]
  • 10/10/16 - Celebrating SkyWest People: Appreciation Week 2016
    Through food, games, fun and more food, the SkyWest team of over 11,500 employees celebrated each other and their phenomenal successes from the past year as they’ve worked together to operate more than 1,800 flights every day. The past week was spent celebrating the people that make SkyWest great. Through continued hard work, SkyWest has […]
  • 09/09/16 - Remembering 9/11
    Sunday, Sept. 11 will mark 15 years since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 claimed nearly 3,000 lives. Few events are as indelibly inked upon our minds as the events of 9/11.  No matter where you were or what you were doing on that fateful day, chances are you remember it vividly.  There is […]
  • 29/08/16 - SkyWest Scholarship Program Helps 32 Students Achieve Academic Goals
    As the new school year begins, 32 SkyWest Airlines employees and family members will pursue their higher education aspirations with a little help from the SkyWest Scholarship Program. This year SkyWest awarded 32 scholarships totaling $40,000 in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, helping our SkyWest people and their families pursue their educational aspirations. This year’s […]
  • 17/08/16 - Supporting The Miracle of Flight
    As the largest regional airline providing safe and reliable air service to more than 30 million passengers each year, the miracle of flight is at the center of the world we at SkyWest live and breathe every day. Our 11,700 professionals not only utilize their skills and expertise on a daily basis to safely carry […]
  • 20/07/16 - Why First Class Pilots Choose SkyWest
    Put it all together and it’s clear that SkyWest pilots have more opportunity, exposure and access than any other regional pilot in the industry! Today, SkyWest’s nearly 4,000 pilots operate more than 1,800 flights each day to more than 200 destinations throughout North America. But it doesn’t stop there – SkyWest is currently hiring new […]
  • 14/07/16 - My SkyWest Journey: From Cadet to Pilot
    The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program provides a direct path for exceptional pilots with a desire to take control of their aviation career! Enhanced seniority, guaranteed final interviews and access to pilot mentors are just a few of the upgrades students can receive by becoming a SkyWest Cadet on your way to becoming one of SkyWest’s […]
  • 01/07/16 - Honoring a WWII Hero
    Nearly 75 years after the historic Doolittle Raider mission as part of WWII, SkyWest was honored to fly the last surviving member of the Doolittle Raiders, Lieutenant Colonel Dick Cole (age – 101), to attend the funeral service of a fellow Doolittle Raider. With a World War II hero on their flight, the SkyWest crew […]
  • 17/06/16 - 44 Years of SkyWest
    Forty-four years ago this week, SkyWest completed its first scheduled flight. Since that time, it has gone from three part-time employees to more than 11,000, and expanded from one route running from St. George, Utah to Salt Lake City via Cedar City, Utah to more than 200 destinations throughout North America. SkyWest has weathered industry […]
  • 09/06/16 - Hays: Small-Town Charm and Big-Time Fun!
    Hays, Kansas is known as a place with small-town charm and big-time fun! And the friendliness of those who call Hays home is evident to travelers who are enjoying a family vacation, business trip, sporting event or even just passing through. In town, there is always something exciting and interesting happening throughout the year, including […]
  • 06/06/16 - SkyWest Sets Performance Record with 40,000+ Flights!
    SkyWest Airlines’ performance record continues, reaching 22 days 16 hours (and counting) without a controllable cancel. That means outside of weather and air traffic control-related issues, since Sunday, May 15, SkyWest has completed over 40,000 consecutive flights. This new record nearly doubles the previous record, set in March 2016, of 11 days 23 hours. This […]
  • 30/05/16 - SkyWest Salutes Our Military Members
    On Memorial Day, SkyWest remembers the men and women of the U.S. armed forces that gave their lives, making the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. At SkyWest, we proudly support more than 1,000 active or retired military members across our operation, and honor thousands more employees who support family members serving. Many SkyWest employees […]
  • 25/05/16 - How to Become a SkyWest Flight Attendant
    SkyWest Flight Attendants are safety professionals who enjoy helping others with a smile. They have the confidence and training to handle any situation they may encounter, both on the ground and at 35,000 feet in the air. To join the dynamic InFlight team and earn a pair of wings, follow these steps: Review the Flight Attendant […]
  • 19/05/16 - Take Control: 360° Takeoff Video
    Ready to take control of your career? Picture yourself doing just that in our 360 degree takeoff video! See what it’s like to sit at the controls and takeoff from the flight deck of one of our E175 aircraft in Boise, Idaho. SkyWest pilots have more opportunities and exposure than any other regional pilots – flying for four major airlines, […]
  • 13/05/16 - SkyWest Welcomes “Future Flyers!”
    SkyWest people across the system gave their Future Flyers a firsthand look into daily operations through Bring Our Kids to Work Day. Parents and grandparents participated by showing their kids the hard work they do to make SkyWest great and highlighting the diverse jobs and skill-sets it takes to keep the operation running. From tracking aircraft […]
  • 08/05/16 - Families that Fly Together: Thanks Mom!
    For some, being a flight attendant at SkyWest runs in the family! We tracked down just a few of our InFlight families to give them a chance to say “Thanks, Mom”. This last month, MSP based Flight Attendant Casey Buchanan was able to have a unique experience with her mother Maureen Buchanan  – Flight Attendant, […]
  • 03/05/16 - My SkyWest Journey: Kaleb Lusby
    One of SkyWest’s former captains, Kaleb Lusby, recently wrote a letter describing how he got started at SkyWest and how the nine years he spent at the airline prepared him to get his dream job at a legacy carrier. Here’s his story: When SkyWest Airlines hired me in 2007, it was apparent immediately that this […]
  • 11/04/16 - “I’m Your Match!” SkyWest Flight Attendant Donates Kidney to Co-Worker
    At age 16, Tonuah Trujillo, a Seattle-based SkyWest flight attendant, was diagnosed with a kidney disorder called IgA Nephropathy, which over time deteriorates the kidneys’ ability to filter waste out of blood. After an overnight trip last July landed her in the hospital for two days, Tonuah received the bad news – her kidney function […]
  • 08/04/16 - SkyWest Captain Praised for Little Act of Kindness
    SkyWest people are the best in the industry! Just check out this story that was shared on Facebook after one SkyWest CRJ captain helped a young family with their sleepy toddler. We landed at midnight and both kids were fast asleep. We waited until we we were the last ones on the plane and woke up… […]
  • 31/03/16 - SkyWest Mini Indy 2016 Wins Big for Charity
    The engines revved and the checkered flag flew at the Ridgetop Raceway in St. George, Utah as 34 teams from around the globe recently vied for racing fame at the 2016 SkyWest Mini Indy! The airline industry’s premier charity event, Mini Indy includes Indy-style cars racing up to 25 MPH, a finger-lickin’ BBQ pit master’s […]
  • 14/03/16 - Leading Team SkyWest in the Fight Against Parkinson’s
    Patrick Altree, a San Francisco-based SkyWest captain, first noticed that something was amiss when his right hand would tremble slightly as he was trying to hold something steady, like pouring a can of soda into a glass. He dismissed it as stress or caffeine since it would come and go. But as the problem began to […]
  • 08/03/16 - How I Became a SkyWest Pilot: Koko Kostelny
    Miyukiko (Koko) Kostelny, a SkyWest CRJ first officer, knew she wanted to be a pilot ever since she was a young child. And after attending a Women in Aviation Conference, where she met several SkyWest pilots, she knew that she wanted to fly for SkyWest. How did you decide to become a pilot? Growing up […]
  • 04/03/16 - SkyWest Pilots Help More Women Lean Into Aviation
    It’s becoming more and more common to see women flying commercial aircraft, thanks in part to those like Mary Conti, Suzy Garrett, Jen Johnson and many others at SkyWest. Not only have they realized their dream of flying, but they continue to set an example for other young women and girls to follow. Mary Conti […]
  • 01/03/16 - Become a SkyWest Flight Attendant
    SkyWest flight attendants are part of an exciting team of professionals who love working in the travel industry and sharing their enthusiasm with passengers. This is a dynamic and exciting position that allows you to travel, meet new challenges, and be invigorated every day as you portray the essence of SkyWest to our customers! Those who are […]
  • 10/02/16 - Love is in the Air
    Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love. So we asked some of our pilots to share why they love to fly for SkyWest. I love flying in the most beautiful area in the country for the best people in the business. – Joe Becker – CRJ Captain, PDX I do what I love for a living […]
  • 29/01/16 - SkyWest Flight Attendant Interviews in a City Near You!
    SkyWest flight attendants enjoy an exciting and dynamic career. Not only are they able to travel to hundreds of cities across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas, they also have the opportunity to meet new people and take on new challenges every day. Of course, their most important responsibility is to ensure the safety […]


  • 31/12/15 - SkyWest’s Top Service Moments of 2015
    As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to take a look at some of the exceptional service that SkyWest employees have provided during the past 12 months. The following are seven of SkyWest’s top service moments of 2015. Flight Crew Brings Family Together One Last Time When the Vandenberg siblings received a call that their mother’s […]
  • 28/12/15 - SkyWest Flight Attendant Runs to End Thirst
    Before she started training for her first half marathon in 2013, Kelsey Galiano, a Minneapolis-based SkyWest flight attendant, had never run a race and didn’t really care for running. Even now that she has trained for and run multiple races, including a marathon, there are plenty of days she doesn’t want to run. But Kelsey continues […]
  • 21/12/15 - SkyWest Flight Attendants Deliver Holiday Magic
    It was one of the most amazing acts of sheer kindness she had experienced in a long time – her family’s own Christmas magic. That’s how Jaimi Nielson described SkyWest flight attendant Erin O’Shea’s actions after Jaimi’s son, Owen, left his bag at a gate in San Francisco before boarding a recent flight. A prized […]
  • 17/12/15 - A Look at the SkyWest Maintenance Operation
    In the airline industry, the operation never sleeps. When aircraft are done flying for the day, they often make their way over to a hangar where Maintenance teams will ensure everything remains in top condition. Just take a look at this behind-the-scenes video from one night in SkyWest’s Salt Lake City hangar. In about 14 […]
  • 14/12/15 - Now Boarding SkyWest’s Fantasy Flight to the North Pole
    SkyWest’s ninth annual Fantasy Flight took of this weekend in Colorado Springs, bringing the Christmas spirit to underprivileged children and their families. “This event is cherished by everyone involved,” said Lori Hunt, SkyWest’s vice president – People. “Every year SkyWest employees help provide treasured holiday memories for children whose families struggle to meet their basic […]
  • 02/12/15 - SkyWest Movember Mustaches
    There have been a few more mustaches than usual among SkyWest employees this past month. No, the trend does not signal a change in uniform requirements. The increase in facial hair was part of Movember, a health initiative designed to bring more awareness to men’s health throughout the month of November. Nick Pearson, a Los […]
  • 20/11/15 - Hays for the Holidays
    Tucked away in Northwest Kansas, the town of Hays should not be overlooked. This old railroad town settled by German immigrants after the Civil War has much to offer any visitor, especially during the upcoming holiday season. Offering the magic and spirit of the holidays minus the big crowds and never-ending traffic, Hays is home […]
  • 18/11/15 - SkyWest Employees Team up Against Cancer
    Supporting the fight against breast cancer is a passion shared by many at SkyWest Airlines. And the efforts of hundreds of employees from across the country this past October are a great example of the commitment they have to raise awareness and find a cure. Kicking things off, SkyWest employees ordered hundreds of new pink […]
  • 14/10/15 - Kindness Leads to One Last Goodbye
    In late August, a couple was traveling through Gillette, Wyoming when they received a phone call no parent ever wants to receive: their son had been in a car accident in West Virginia and was being taken by Life Flight to a nearby hospital. They felt helpless being so far away from home and unable to […]
  • 01/10/15 - Experience “Minnesota’s Playground” in Brainerd, MN
    When planning a trip to the lake-surrounded, Minnesota town of Brainerd, prepare for unique lodging, plenty of outdoor fun and a calendar of exciting events happening all year long! Here’s a quick look at some of the standouts for the year: January: Ice Fishing Extravaganza – the largest charitable ice fishing contest in the world where […]
  • 14/09/15 - How to Make Your SkyWest Application Stand Out
    Applying and interviewing for a new job can be a challenge. To make things easier, members of the SkyWest recruiting team put together seven simple tips that will help a candidate stand out: Clear, Specific Resume: A resume should be catered for a specific job; a pilot resume is going to look different from a […]
  • 05/09/15 - SkyWest Appreciation Week!
    Safely operating 1,700 daily flights to nearly 200 cities across North America is no easy task, and no one does it better than the SkyWest team! That’s because everyone works together and they continually go above-and-beyond. To recognize the hard work being done by countless teams across the country, SkyWest designates one week every year […]
  • 26/08/15 - SkyWest Crews Going the Extra Mile
    SkyWest is home to countless caring and considerate employees. Recently, three stories about some of our incredible crews were shared with us that illustrate the type of people who make up the SkyWest family. On a recent trip in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City based SkyWest Flight Attendant Jill Roundy noticed a small detail about one […]
  • 11/08/15 - What Does it Mean to be “Cross Utilized”?
    SkyWest’s cross utilized agents have a lot of responsibilities. In one shift, they’ll help passengers check in, get them boarded onto flights, ensure their bags are loaded and much more. Amy Orsini, who is based in West Yellowstone, Mont., gives some insight into what it’s like to be a cross utilized agent. Why did you […]
  • 24/07/15 - Pocatello, Idaho – Something to Smile About
    Pocatello, Idaho is known as the U.S. Smile Capital thanks to a 1948 ordinance that made it illegal not to smile in Pocatello. While the law was a tongue-in-cheek comment on an exceptionally severe winter, it remains on the books, and the following are just some of the activities that are available in Pocatello that will help keep every […]
  • 13/07/15 - How I Became a SkyWest Pilot: Julie Hafen
    Julie Hafen – a CRJ first officer for SkyWest Airlines, discovered aviation as a teenager and has been hooked ever since. Check out how she got started as a pilot and what a typical day is like for her at SkyWest. As a teenager, I always thought I would enjoy flying and traveling for my […]
  • 24/06/15 - SkyWest Team Welcomes Special Passengers
    SkyWest’s team in Arcata, California (ACV) recently welcomed a very special group of passengers onboard. Twelve children with autism or down syndrome had the chance to experience the miracle of flight, even though they never actually left the ground! The eager passengers arrived at the airport, checked in at the counter with their bags, went […]
  • 19/06/15 - SkyWest Celebrates 43 Years!
    On this day, 43 years ago, SkyWest Airlines took off on its first scheduled flight – from St. George to Salt Lake City, Utah, with a stop in Cedar City on the way! Since that first flight, what was a small, local airline has grown into one of the largest regional airlines in the country. Check […]
  • 05/06/15 - Q&A with a SkyWest Crew Scheduler
    Coordinating the schedules of more than 5,000 crewmembers on a daily basis and helping to keep 1,800 flights on schedule are just a few of the responsibilities of people like Tawnya Howard, a SkyWest Airlines crew scheduler. Check out what else she had to say about this unique job. What is your favorite part about […]
  • 02/06/15 - Cedar City: Southern Utah’s Hidden Gem
    Cedar City is a surprisingly charming town hidden away in Southern Utah. As a vibrant college town, a gateway to multiple national parks, and home to a variety of entertaining festivals, Cedar City holds something for everyone. Uniquely nestled between some of the most incredible national parks Utah has to offer, Cedar City is a […]
  • 24/05/15 - Standing Quietly: A Salute to Veterans
    SkyWest is home to more than 950 veterans who have or are currently serving in the United States military, and thousands of other employees have family members who proudly represent the U.S. through their military service. So it should be no surprise that these 10,000+ aviation professionals are committed to showing their support for veterans. In […]
  • 19/05/15 - SkyWest Flight Attendant Praised as “A God Send”
    SkyWest’s success is a direct result of the incredible aviation professionals who who regularly go above and beyond to help passengers on more than 1,700 daily flights. Recently, Mary Morgan, a Seattle-based flight attendant was commended for being “a God send…at a most difficult time” thanks to the kindness and support she provided on a […]
  • 06/05/15 - SkyWest Now an All-Jet Fleet After Final EMB 120 Flight
    [bcPortal width=”480″ height=”270″ videoid=”4216907128001″ publisherid=”1589608515001″ playerid=”1594704828001″] After more than 28 years, SkyWest’s EMB 120s completed their final flights on May 5, 2015. The Brasilia has been a workhorse of the SkyWest fleet and has helped connect millions of passengers over the years. The departure of the “Bro” also marks SkyWest’s transition to an all-jet fleet […]
  • 17/04/15 - Meet a Famous Duo and Enjoy the Outdoors in Bemidji, MN!
    It’s nearly impossible to travel through the northern, woodsy town of Bemidji, Minnesota without noticing the giant statues of legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his sidekick, Babe the Blue Ox!  The famed statues were built in 1937 to celebrate the logging industry and still sit near the shore of Lake Bemidji, welcoming everyone who comes […]
  • 08/04/15 - Enjoy Iconic Food and Land of Oz in Aberdeen, South Dakota
    Summer vacations are quickly approaching and anyone looking to enjoy some good old-fashioned family fun should check out Aberdeen, South Dakota. Aberdeen is the third largest city in South Dakota and still maintains its rural charm. Here are a few suggestions to help plan an upcoming trip! Outdoor Fun Wylie Park, just one mile north […]
  • 06/04/15 - SkyWest Mini Indy Races to Help Those in Need
    [bcPortal width=”480″ height=”270″ videoid=”4161259983001″ publisherid=”1589608515001″ playerid=”1594704828001″] For the 15th year, dozens of teams revved up their go-karts and raced around the twists and turns of the “Ridgetop Raceway” at the SkyWest Mini Indy. While some were lucky enough to walk away with a new trophy, the real winner is clear: thousands of people living in Southern […]
  • 12/03/15 - SkyWest Flight Attendant Brings Help to Cambodian Orphans
    Having dealt with years of well-documented corruption and social unrest, Cambodia stands as one of the poorest countries in the world. Access to education, sanitation and nutrition is minimal in many locations, and non-existent for some. Many children begin working at a young age in horrendous conditions, exposing them to many risks, including disease, drug abuse and sexual […]
  • 06/03/15 - Twin Falls, Idaho: Where Beauty and Adventure Meet
    At first glance, visitors seeing these beautiful waterfalls for the first time often think of Niagara Falls or possibly C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, not South-Central Idaho. In reality, Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho stands about 45 feet higher than Niagara Falls and is much more real than Narnia. Another bonus – no passport is needed to […]
  • 19/02/15 - Customers Commend Crew for Excellent Service
    SkyWest’s success is a direct result of the incredible employees who help take care of hundreds of customers on a daily basis – despite delays or other challenges. Recently, four crewmembers – Dave Dalton – CRJ captain, Jody Mack – CRJ first officer and flight attendants Peggy Maneotis and Ruby Landreth – were recognized by passengers on two […]
  • 14/02/15 - SkyWest Employees Love What They Do
    What sets SkyWest employees apart and makes the airline such a great place to work? All of the people who absolutely love what they do! “I love the attitude of the people I work with. Everyone seems to really enjoy working here and makes it enjoyable to come to work. I feel proud to be […]
  • 11/02/15 - Fun and Relaxation in Butte, MT the Heart of Big Sky Country
    Once the largest city west of the Mississippi River between Chicago and San Francisco, Butte, Montana not only sits in the heart of Montana’s Big Sky Country, it also holds an important part in American history. And while Butte offers a memorable past, it also provides plenty of fun and relaxation for visitors today. Founded […]
  • 09/02/15 - 8 Tips to Succeed at One-Way Video Interviews
    After finding the perfect job at SkyWest and nailing the initial steps of the application process, some potential new employees may be asked to complete a short, one-way video interview. These interviews are often used in place of a phone interview and can be nerve racking for someone who hasn’t done a video interview before. To […]


  • 24/12/14 - SkyWest Employees in Salt Lake City Spread Holiday Cheer
    This month the SkyWest Airlines InFlight and Flight Operations crews in Salt Lake City joined forces with those in the Customer Service Department to help fulfill the dreams of several local families in need. These SkyWest groups worked together to serve Safe Harbor, a crisis center in Kaysville, Utah, with a Sub 4 Santa Christmas […]
  • 22/12/14 - SkyWest Flies 50 Children to the “North Pole”
    On Saturday night, Dec. 15, 2014, 50 Colorado Springs children flew to the “North Pole” on SkyWest Airlines’ Fantasy Flight. There they were able to experience the magic of Christmas at a special event dedicated just for them. This is the eighth year running that SkyWest employees have partnered with community volunteers to organize the […]
  • 18/12/14 - SkyWest Maintenance Team Helps Hundreds of Local Kids With A Free Toy Drive
    This holiday season, SkyWest employees and teams across the country are reaching out to help those in need. Just recently, the maintenance team in Nashville, Tennessee (BNA) and their families volunteered with Laguardo Baptist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee to offer a free toy store. The “toy store,” held at the church, consisted of long tables […]
  • 10/12/14 - Slamming Cancer One Dunk at a Time
    SkyWest’s history is one full of ambition and perseverance. It’s little wonder then that SkyWest people and their families exhibit those same attributes. Need proof? Look no further than five-year-old JP Gibson, grandson of SkyWest Crew Time Coordinator Sherri Gibson. JP was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at the age of two. Since then […]
  • 11/11/14 - Explore Winter Fun in Hibbing, Minnesota!
    Hibbing is the largest city located within Minnesota’s Iron Range, an informally named area of the Northeastern part of the state known for rich, iron ore deposits. Hibbing itself boomed as a center for mining and was even relocated in its early days when a vein of iron ore was discovered immediately beneath downtown, which […]
  • 30/10/14 - SkyWest Flight Attendant Bests Breast Cancer
    In 2014, an estimated 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. and approximately 40,000 women will die from this disease according to the American Cancer Society. And SkyWest people are out making a difference! From participating in walks and fundraising cook-offs to sporting pink awareness attire, our people are taking […]
  • 24/10/14 - Customers Rave About Our Amazing People
    While SkyWest is known for operational and fiscal savvy, the true essence of our success has always been our people. The following are just a few examples from passengers who took the time to write in and recognize some of the above-and-beyond efforts of our fantastic employees. I have flown with SkyWest for many, many […]
  • 04/08/14 - SkyWest Crews Welcome Five-Year-Old “Pilot” Onboard
    For a child enamored with planes, simply boarding a flight and taking a seat with their face pressed eagerly against the window is an experience to remember. However, thanks to a special request, some amazing crewmembers and a carefully coordinated effort by SkyWest Airlines employees, five-year-old Calibrooke Myers recently had a flight experience that is […]
  • 17/07/14 - Eau Claire – More Than Meets the Eye!
    While Wisconsin is widely known for being the land of cheese, communities like Eau Claire also provide visitors with a huge variety of recreational activities and unique adventures that will make any trip unforgettable. Located on the western side of Wisconsin, Eau Claire (pronounced O’Claire) is the Kubb Capital of North America. Kubb is thought […]
  • 10/07/14 - Explore “Dinosaurland” in Vernal, Utah!
    Where in the world is Vernal, Utah? While it may appear to be just a small community in northeastern Utah, Vernal is home to stunning scenery, unparalleled recreation areas and even some prehistoric remains. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the adventure and excitement this community offers! First-time visitors should not miss the chance to step […]
  • 07/07/14 - Experience Colorado’s Unique Melting Pot – Pueblo!
    Pueblo, Colorado is a unique community that has been shaped by a variety of races and cultures as it has grown into the fascinating city it is today. In the early 20th century, Pueblo was one of the largest steel producing cities in the nation, earning it the title “Steel City.” Today, it’s a popular […]
  • 01/07/14 - Stunning Scenery Sets St. George, Utah Apart
    Few places in the world can compare to the stunning scenery in Southern Utah, making it a must-see destination for travelers who are looking for gorgeous landscapes, relaxation, solitude, adventure and inspiration. St. George, Utah (SGU) is the perfect starting point to begin the scenic adventure of a lifetime. The city is conveniently located near […]
  • 18/06/14 - SkyWest Employees Make a Difference in Costa Rica
    When planning a trip to an exotic destination like Costa Rica, most people don’t think about packing their bags with 200 lbs. of paper, folders, coloring books, calculators, soccer balls, shampoo, stuffed animals and hair accessories. That is, unless they are SkyWest Director of Flight Operations Bill Mostowy and his wife, Brandi Mostowy, a Flight […]
  • 12/06/14 - West Yellowstone – The Gateway to Adventure!
    Hearing the words “West Yellowstone” immediately brings to mind Yellowstone National Park and all the beauty that it holds. West Yellowstone was incorporated in 1966 but has existed as a gateway to Yellowstone National Park since the early 1900s welcoming 3.5 million people each year. And, it’s no surprise! Yellowstone National Park spans approximately 2.2 […]
  • 04/06/14 - Welcome to the Team, E175!
    SkyWest Airlines reached a new milestone this past week with the official launch of its first Embraer E175 aircraft into commercial service! The inaugural flight, operating as United Express, from Chicago O’Hare to Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 17 represented a tremendous amount of preparation and hard work by many SkyWest employees […]
  • 02/05/14 - SkyWest Airlines’ Mini Indy 2014 a Success!
    SkyWest Airlines’ Mini Indy 2014 is a wrap! In March, 30 companies from around the world traveled to St. George, Utah to compete in a go-kart race. Why would multi-billion dollar companies travel Utah to drive a go-kart that travels 23 mph? Other than the intense racing action, these racers gather for a greater cause […]
  • 07/04/14 - SkyWest Employee Challenges Parkinson’s Step by Step
    Patrick Altree, a SkyWest Airlines employee based in Phoenix, Ariz. first noticed a problem as he was pouring himself a glass of soda. That simple, routine task became a significant turning point when his right hand began to wobble uncontrollably. Soon after, he noticed trouble trying to eat soup or cereal, and his handwriting deteriorated […]
  • 04/04/14 - Advancing the Role of Women in Aviation
    From the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of World War II to pioneers like Amelia Earhart, women have long played important roles in the aviation industry. SkyWest Airlines is committed to advancing the role of women in the industry, which is one of the reasons they regularly participate in events like the annual Women in […]
  • 13/03/14 - Experience the Adventure in Moab, Utah!
    Moab, Utah is rapidly becoming known as the adventure capital of the United States thanks to its thousands of miles of biking trails, access to two scenic rivers and world class hiking for people of all skill levels. While it’s true that there are other destinations that offer the same activities, few can compete with […]
  • 25/02/14 - International Falls –An Exciting All-Season Destination!
    Known for having “More to Explore,” Minnesota is a fantastic place to have an adventure. And there’s no better place to start than in International Falls! From winter festivities and must-see natural attractions to international access that is literally within walking distance, the “Icebox of the Nation” has something for everyone. Check out some of […]
  • 13/02/14 - SkyWest Family Member Finishes in Top 10 for Olympic Snowboard Halfpipe!
    The people working at SkyWest Airlines are truly what makes the company great. And SkyWest pride was running high as 18-year-old Kent Callister, son of Kim Callister, a SkyWest flight attendant based in SFO, made his Olympic debut in Sochi. Kent is the first Australian man to finish in the top 10 in the snowboard […]
  • 15/01/14 - Experience the Thrilling CopperDog150 in Houghton!
    With an average annual snowfall of 241 inches, it should come as no surprise that residents living near Houghton, Mich. in the Upper Peninsula have chosen to embrace the cold weather and all of the exhilarating opportunities it brings – especially the annual CopperDog 150 and CopperDog 40. These annual sled dog races bring together […]
  • 10/01/14 - Family Fun in Fort Wayne!
    Established more than 200 years ago as a fort during the American Revolutionary War, Fort Wayne, Ind. is the seat of Allen County and the center of a bustling metropolis. And as Indiana’s second largest city, Fort Wayne has an incredible offering of attractions and activities that are affordable, accessible and family-friendly. The Fort Wayne […]


  • 23/12/13 - Wishing You the Warmest Holiday Season
    [bcPortal width=”480″ height=”270″ videoid=”2948717943001″ publisherid=”1589608515001″ playerid=”1594704828001″]
  • 18/12/13 - SkyWest Flies 50 Children to the North Pole!
    On Saturday night, the SkyWest team in Colorado Springs (COS) and members from the community transformed part of the airport terminal into a dream come true for 50 children and their families for the seventh annual SkyWest Fantasy Flight! Children aboard the Fantasy Flight are enrolled in one of CPCD’s early childhood education programs. These […]
  • 11/12/13 - SkyWest Employees Raise More Than $10,000 for Cancer Research in October!
    SkyWest Airlines employees across the country are constantly engaged in many different causes and charities; one of those efforts being raising money to support cancer research during the month of October. Through lemonade and bake sales, direct donations and various other avenues last month, SkyWest employees raised more than $10,000! Donation Highlights: · SLC-based flight […]
  • 29/11/13 - An Airport Wait to Remember
    Imagine being at the airport with three small children in tow, waiting for your flight that has been delayed due to weather. How do you keep your kids entertained and stay sane yourself? Well, if you’re in LAX, just look out the window and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see SkyWest Ramp Agent Glenn […]
  • 08/11/13 - SkyWest Job Fairs Are Coming to a City Near You Throughout November!
    Imagine having a job you love that also gives you access to more than 177 cities across the US, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas! Each day SkyWest and our amazing teams help more than 60,000 travelers get to destinations across North America. And although our system spans from coast to coast, our workforce is even […]
  • 07/11/13 - Winter in Yellowstone National Park
    Wildlife abounds in Yellowstone National Park throughout the year; however, one of the best times to view bison, elk, moose and other creatures is during the winter months. During these cold, snowy months as icicles hang form tree branches and rainbows glisten through geysers, the animals move closer to the hot springs for warmth and […]
  • 11/10/13 - SkyWest Flight Attendant Bekki Manville Runs Into History
    When Bekki Manville’s brother invited her to run a Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon in 2008, the Denver-based SkyWest flight attendant accepted the challenge, mostly because she learned she could receive a Superman medal if she ran the whole series. Little did she know that five years later she would become the just the sixth […]
  • 03/07/13 - Discover the Western Treasure of Laramie, Wyoming
    Southeastern Wyoming is known for wide-open prairies, horses and cowboys. And while those descriptions are accurate in many instances, they only give a small glimpse of everything that can be experienced when visiting Laramie, Wyo. Laramie is home to about 30,000 people, but when the Cowboys, the University of Wyoming football team, are playing, that […]
  • 20/06/13 - Brainerd – The Heart of Minnesota Lake Country!
    Brainerd, Minnesota is the playground at the heart of Minnesota lake country. Take advantage of truly limitless opportunities to “unplug” and enjoy outdoor offerings like birding, hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, boating, horseback riding, canoeing, golf, kayaking and more! If your speed calls for more RPMs than a hike, Brainerd offers the Midwest’s largest Raceway with […]
  • 26/04/13 - SkyWest Airlines’ Annual Mini Indy is Once Again a Success
      Checkered flags, pit crews, competitive drivers, fierce turns and racing speeds up to 23.5 miles per hour were just a few of the exciting elements at SkyWest Airlines’ thirteenth annual Mini Indy! This March, teams from around the world met at the airline’s hometown of St. George, Utah to race head-to-head in fierce go-cart […]
  • 12/03/13 - Gillette, Wyoming: Cowboys, Coal and Everything In Between
    It probably sounds a little like someone describing an old western movie: beautiful blue skies stretching in every direction, rolling hills and mountains visible in the distance, long grasses waving gently in the breeze. In fact, it is so idyllic as the sun moves slowly overhead that you can almost hear the clip-clop of horse […]
  • 26/02/13 - SkyWest Airlines’ Mini Indy Gives a “Turbo Boost” to Local Charities
      SkyWest Airlines will once again “put the pedal to the metal” in 2013 in a race to benefit local charities. The 13th annual Mini Indy event, sponsored by SkyWest and the City of St. George, will bring in nearly 40 teams from around the world to SkyWest’s hometown of St. George, Utah. There, the […]
  • 22/02/13 - SkyWest Introduces United Service from St. George to Denver
      SkyWest Airlines will offer new United flights between St. George, Utah and Denver, Colo. beginning June 6, 2013! The once-daily Denver jet service provides excellent connectivity between the exciting and multicultural “Mile High City” and Southern Utah’s sun drenched “Gateway to Zion.” While dramatically different in climate and size, these two cities share a […]
  • 08/02/13 - SkyWest Airlines Service Takes Off in International Falls!
    When SkyWest Airlines officially took over service at Falls International Airport on Dec. 15, 2012, travelers were promised “quality” and “reliable” service. And that’s exactly what they’ve gotten. In the first month of service, every SkyWest-operated Delta Connection flight that took off from Fall International arrived at its destination: Brainerd, Minn. or Minneapolis. Not a […]
  • 30/01/13 - SkyWest Airlines Touches Down in Rhinelander!
    SkyWest Airlines has touched down in Rhinelander, Wis., home of the mythical Hodag, Rhinelander’s legendary woodland creature! With twice-daily Delta flights between Rhinelander Oneida County Airport (RHI) and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), Rhinelander passengers now have access to destinations world-wide, including exotic warmer climes of the Caribbean, Cancun and Miami. Rhinelander visitors have access […]


  • 26/12/12 - One Canadian “Thanksgiving,” In November
    Thanksgiving does not always equal a day spent with family gathered around a food-filled table in the airline industry. In fact, many SkyWest employees spend Thanksgiving working hard to take care of the thousands of people who are flying around the country to see friends and loved ones. This includes David Miller, a SkyWest pilot […]
  • 21/08/12 - Results Are In! SkyWest Mini Indy Raised More Than $100,000.
    The donation totals are in for SkyWest Airlines’ annual Mini Indy! Once again, the charity event was a success as it raised more than $100,000 for United Way Dixie and the SkyWest Scholarship Program. This year, 37 teams from around the world met in St. George to race go-carts and contend for the title of […]
  • 29/06/12 - Pilots, Upgrade Your Career to First Class with SkyWest Airlines!
    SkyWest Pilot Job Fair June 30th! Imagine a job you love that also gives you access to over 150 cities across the US, Canada and Mexico! Each day SkyWest moves more than 60,000 travelers to destinations across North America. And although our system spans from coast to coast, our workforce is even more diverse than […]
  • 22/06/12 - SkyWest Airlines: 40 Years & Flying!
    On June 19, 1972, SkyWest Airlines’ six-seat aircraft took to the skies for the first official flight to Salt Lake City. At the time, we had three part-time pilots and our fleet consisted of just four aircraft. Forty years later, SkyWest operates more than 1,800 daily flights on 315 aircraft, all thanks to the help […]
  • 07/06/12 - Underprivileged First Graders Explore Aviation at Our Salt Lake City SkyWest Training Center!
    What’s it like to introduce first graders to the world of aviation? Just ask SkyWest flight attendant and first grade teacher Christina Hathaway. In addition to being a flight attendant, Christina also teaches underprivileged students at Salt Lake City’s inter-city Franklin Elementary School. She recently organized a field trip for 80 students to visit SkyWest’s […]
  • 22/05/12 - SkyWest Employees Team Up to Fight Cancer!
    Millions of people and their families are affected by cancer every day, including many at SkyWest Airlines. To show support in the fight against this devastating disease, several SkyWest team members recently gathered to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in St. George, Utah. This year, SkyWest had two teams made up […]
  • 14/05/12 - CRJ200 US Airways Express Paint Transformation!
    As a partner to four of the world’s largest network carriers, SkyWest Airlines boasts an impressive fleet of more than 300 aircraft in diverse liveries. SkyWest launched its newest partnership with US Airways in December 2011, and today proudly flies 14 CRJ200 aircraft under the US Airways Express banner. Of course, a new partnership means […]
  • 03/05/12 - SkyWest Airlines’ New Website Takes Off!
    As a leading air service provider offering global access to millions of people each month, SkyWest is known for its industry leading workforce, exceptional leadership team, and continued solid operational and economic performance! SkyWest’s people are proudly celebrating “40 Years & Flying” in 2012 and a redesigned is just one of the ways we’re […]
  • 02/05/12 - SkyWest Mini Indy Charity Event Races to Success Again!
    [brightcove videoID=1618248604001 playerID=1594704828001 height=270 width=480] SkyWest Airlines’ Mini Indy brings businesses from all over the world to Utah’s Dixie in the name of fun and fundraising. The three-day event culminates with the airline industry’s premier charity race, where teams race their go-carts at speeds of up to 27 mph in hopes of the coveted grand […]
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