An Airport Wait to Remember

Imagine being at the airport with three small children in tow, waiting for your flight that has been delayed due to weather. How do you keep your kids entertained and stay sane yourself? Well, if you’re in LAX, just look out the window and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see SkyWest Ramp Agent Glenn Terao putting on a performance that is guaranteed to put a smile on your children’s faces (and your’s too!).

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Glenn was recently working a number of flights one evening when he noticed Kim Brouillette and her family who were waiting in the terminal. After marshaling several flights, Glenn saw three little faces that kept watching him through the window. When the littlest one started to mimic some of Glenn’s signals, he realized he had found a way to keep the restless travelers entertained.

Before long, Glenn’s audience grew to a number of passengers, old and young who passed the time watching the young girls following Glenn’s instructions. At one point, “Mr. Glenn” as the girls called him, even came in to greet them with Halloween candy. What had once seemed like a terrible wait turned into a night to remember for the Brouillette family.

“My girls will never forget this,” said Kim. “He was a lifesaver!”

It was a memorable experience for Glenn as well. “I think I had as much fun as they did!” said Glenn, “I know what it’s like to be waiting for a flight and to feel restless. I just wanted to do something that would help these kids smile and make their trip an enjoyable one.”

With attitudes like this, it’s no wonder SkyWest’s industry-leading workforce is constantly bringing smiles to thousands of passengers every day. Thank you, Glenn for brightening the day ­­– for these passengers but everyone that gets a chance to experience the type of service you’ve demonstrated!