Women’s History Month: Women Across the System

Throughout the month, we’ve celebrated the diversity of the SkyWest team and the women who have each overcome different obstacles in their journey to the aviation industry. From all-female flight crews, to female mechanics and dispatchers, and even women of the past who paved the way for us today, we’ve all benefited from the positive impact of women across the SkyWest system.

Recently, two female SLC customer service agents, Geraldine L. and Patty B. sat down with us to share their aviation stories.

Q: What does it mean to be a female in the avation industry?

Geraldine: “For me, it means we can do anything we aspire to do. There are no boundaries and no limits. It’s empowering to see women every day confidently contributing to so many different areas in this industry.”

Patty: “In an industry where job positions have been primarily filled by males in the past, I am honored to be part of an industry that is open to change and is equalizing opportunities for all people. At SkyWest Airlines, women have studied, worked hard, and opened doors for the future. I am proud to be able to help continue this progression.”

Q: What value does Women’s History Month carry?

Geraldine: It carries extreme value. It’s exciting and motivating to celebrate women’s achievements both past and present. It’s beneficial for us now and for our future generations to know what women have overcome.

Patty: “Women’s History Month is honoring women from past, present, and future. Women have worked hard in the past to show the importance of their being in the workplace. This is valuable to me because it equalizes men and women, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. It is an honor to celebrate those that fought for equal rights in all aspects of life.”

Q: How have you seen SkyWest support women in aviation?

Geraldine: “SkyWest offers so many different opportunities for women to be successful in aviation. It’s evident in the various positions held by women at SkyWest.”

Patty: “Over the past 15 years, I have witnessed an increase in women in all aspects of the industry; more female pilots, more women in management roles, and more women throughout other positions at SkyWest. I have had the opportunity to work alongside many wonderful, hard-working women that care a lot about this industry. When I started working at SkyWest, I was taught and mentored by amazing female supervisors, shift managers, and coworkers. Their dedication, hard work, and integrity have taught me the importance of women in this industry, and they all continue to make a difference. I am proud to be a part of the women at SkyWest Airlines.”

Q: How have you been influenced by other women at SkyWest?

Geraldine: “I have had the fortune of working alongside and learning from many amazing women at SkyWest who inspire me every day to do better and to be better.”

Patty: “When I first started at SkyWest, I was new to the industry. I was taught by many remarkable women. I could quickly see their leadership, mentoring, and integrity, and how important they were to the success of SkyWest. These examples have instilled in me the desire to emulate these same leadership values in both my personal and professional life.”

“I have also had the incredible opportunity to travel and learn by seeing how others live. This has taught me to respect other cultures, beliefs, and values as well as appreciate the importance of being different and equal. I am grateful to be a part of a company that continues to provide others the opportunity to see the world by experiencing it firsthand.”

Thank you to the 6,000+ women at SkyWest who continue to make the SkyWest team great. Check out the open positions on our careers page to join the team!