SkyWest People Giving Year Around

This year has placed a tremendous burden on families across the country and more people than ever are wondering where their next meal will come from. This #GivingTuesday and throughout December, SkyWest is partnering with the Utah Food Bank to provide our people an opportunity to help those less fortunate and share the Spirit of SkyWest.

In addition to this effort, our year has been full of stories of SkyWest people who are having a positive impact on our communities, our team members, and our passengers. Here are just a few.

Using Your Wings to Give Back

Chicago-based CRJ First Officer Brian Lucas loves to fly and uses his skill set to give back.

“I like to fly for a purpose,” said Brian.

During the height of COVID-19 uncertainty when testing and PPE was not widely available. Brian volunteered his time and use of his Piper Cherokee to fly blood samples for COVID-19 testing from Macon, Georgia to a commercial lab in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Be Like Bob

In March, a passenger visiting family in Pierre, South Dakota (PIR) was dropped off at the airport and realized he had left his wallet at a relative’s house. When the passenger was unable to reach family members, Bob loaned him his 1996 blue Chevy pick up to go retrieve it.

“Pierre is a small town and we are used to doing those kinds of favors for each other and I didn’t think much of it at all,” said Bob.

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Debby Thompson Giving back to her Local Community

Stress and concern about COVID-19 has been a challenge for many individuals. To help, Minneapolis-based Flight Attendant Debby Thompson decided to create goodie bags for her fellow colleagues in MSP. The bags include chocolates and a note thanking the crew for their work.

“I didn’t do it to be recognized,” said Debby. “You never know what a little random act of kindness will do.” Debby says that she views her job as helping passengers, fellow crewmembers and anyone else she comes across at the airport.

Debby has been making the bags since March and has recently started a new effort to collect socks for local charities. The sock drive is inspired by Debby’s daughter who was killed in May.

Debby has donated over 1,400 pairs of socks and is actively seeking more donations across the system and in her local communities to help those in need. 

SkyWest Flight Attendant Helps a Young Passenger Starting a New Life

SkyWest flight attendants cross paths with countless passengers from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. That extensive background is what made unaccompanied minor Janiyah stand out to Chicago-based flight attendant Tina Meeke on a recent flight.

Tina’s heart ached for the young girl. She made a conscious effort to brighten Janiyah’s day, if only for the flight. She checked on her regularly and ensured Janiyah received a snack box, delivered with a personalized note card.

Tina was so affected by her interaction with Janiyah that she decided to share how she was inspired to help one of her passengers that day. Almost immediately, she began to hear from her friends and SkyWest colleagues asking if there was something they could do to help. “I was overwhelmed with the amount of SkyWest people who came forward and wanted to help our passenger,” Tina said.

Within hours, 93 people had donated over $4,000 for Janiyah, many of them from SkyWest.

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Together, SkyWest people continue to make a positive impact. We are SkyWest Strong!