Santa Barbara – America’s Mexican Riviera

Santa Barbara 1

Rob Brewer
Emerging Media Coordinator

Most people think they have to head out of the country for a taste of Mexico, but now is the time to toss out any preconceived notions of California’s Central Coast and visit the Mexican Riviera in Santa Barbara! This place has all the food, the beaches and culture of Mexico without ever crossing the border.

Iconic Spanish-Colonial style buildings with red tile roofs and Spanish arches, outdoor restaurants, hotels and eclectic shops line the streets and add vibrant color to a historic downtown. All this in the backdrop of the Santa Barbara Harbor which boasts dazzling coastline views that leave visitors convinced that a passport was required to visit.

Sounds magical, right? Santa Barbara has hidden gems at every turn. Rent a car, grab a camera and head east over the Cold Spring Canyon Arch Bridge for amazing views that lead to Santa Barbara’s wine country. The perfectly manicured green vines on the rolling hills of the Central Coast and the contrast of red dirt that has been colored over many decades of work are an unbeatable sight for a dreamy weekend getaway – and spring is one of the most exceptional times to visit!

Santa Barbara2

Santa Barbara also offers an incredible variety of activities that are perfect for those traveling with family. Explore all 30 acres of the Santa Barbara Zoo, become a new world explorer and set sail on a voyage at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, or explore the many historic estates with vibrant gardens and quaint Spanish charm. And don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the majestic sunsets at the Santa Barbara Harbor. The spectacular vistas are known for leaving visitors entranced and wanting more from this American treasure.

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SkyWest Employee Challenges Parkinson’s Step by Step

Parkinson's Main

Rob Brewer
Emerging Media Coordinator

Patrick Altree, a SkyWest Airlines employee based in Phoenix, Ariz. first noticed a problem as he was pouring himself a glass of soda. That simple, routine task became a significant turning point when his right hand began to wobble uncontrollably. Soon after, he noticed trouble trying to eat soup or cereal, and his handwriting deteriorated to a scribble.

Patrick said, “I thought it was just stress or caffeine, and that it can’t be anything serious.”

After some encouragement, Patrick scheduled an appointment with a local neurologist. He was asked to perform basic tasks like opening and closing his hands, and walking down the hall. That’s when his doctor noticed that Patrick didn’t move his right arm as he walked. Following some additional testing, Patrick was received his diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease – a chronic, progressive neurological disorder characterized by tremors and general slowing.

“To say I was stunned would be a huge understatement,” said Patrick. At 38 when he was diagnosed, Patrick never imagined he would be living with a disease that normally affects those in their 60s.

“Parkinson’s has taught me a lot about priorities and the strength of the human spirit,” said Patrick. “Most importantly, I try to live a normal life.”

Patrick is also finding ways to fight back, especially when it comes to raising awareness and money to fund research. For the last two years, he has helped organize his SkyWest colleagues to participate in the Step by Step 5K Walk/Fun Run in San Diego. The annual event, sponsored by the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego, provides an opportunity for thousands to learn the latest about Parkinson’s medicine and research, and to find resources to improve their health and fitness. So far, team SkyWest has raised more than $8,000 by participating in the 5K and Patrick is hoping to raise an additional $10,000 this year!

SkyWest Airlines’ commitment to give back to the communities they serve is exemplified by their people in action. Patrick Altree and his dedication is a shining example of the passion and selflessness that is shared by more than 10,500 SkyWest employees share across the United States.

Catch Patrick and the SkyWest team in action this year on Saturday, April 12 at Liberty Station in San Diego, or visit the Team SkyWest page to learn how you can support their efforts!


Advancing the Role of Women in Aviation

SkyWest employee Melissa Adams & Daughters

SkyWest pilot Melissa Adams & daughters

Hazel Sainsbury
Corporate Communications Coordinator

From the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of World War II to pioneers like Amelia Earhart, women have long played important roles in the aviation industry. SkyWest Airlines is committed to advancing the role of women in the industry, which is one of the reasons they regularly participate in events like the annual Women in Aviation (WIA) Conference. And this year, SkyWest provided several sponsorships so that even more employees could attend the conference in Florida.

For Crystal Jorgensen, a SkyWest flight attendant based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the chance to attend the WIA conference was an incredible surprise.

“I was almost speechless and a wave of pure excitement came over me,” said Crystal. “I was and still am excited and honored of the fact that SkyWest would pick me to go.”

Crystal says the conference gave her a chance to rub shoulders with many amazing people within the aviation industry.

Crystal said, “I not only learned of few ways to go about getting my pilot’s license, but I also learned where different aircraft parts come from and who builds them. As a woman in the aviation industry, I feel blessed to be where I am, although I am not finished.”

For Judi Stephenson, a SkyWest first officer based in Denver, Colo., the conference was a chance to meet some of her aviation idols.

“I stumbled across an article about the WASPs from World War II and I was hooked,” said Judi. “At the conference, I looked across the large conference center and saw Bernice ‘Bee’ Falk Haydu – the woman who was once named as the ‘President of the Order of Fifinella.’ This is a woman whose uniform is on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and it was an honor to meet her.”

Judi Stephenson with Bee Falk Haydu

Judi Stephenson & Bee Falk Haydu

Like other attendees, SkyWest employees also had the chance to attend classes and keynote presentations that continued to inspire them in their individual careers. The experience is one that they will not soon forget.

Marie Becker, a SkyWest maintenance purchasing agent from St. George, Utah, said, “Meeting the other SkyWest employees and spending a wonderful day exploring the exhibit hall confirmed that I had chosen the right career.”

“NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman spoke about safety in aviation. It was so inspiring and as I listened to her stories, it made me want to be a better person, “ added Jill Baker, an Los Angeles-based SkyWest flight attendant.

SkyWest Airlines is proud to employ more 4,100 women. These incredible aviation professionals help in all aspects of the operation, from the ticket counter and ramp, to the maintenance hangar flight deck and inside the cabin. They truly help set the standard for SkyWest to be the Airline of Choice, Employer of Choice and the Investment of Choice.

Marie Becker and Crystal Jorgenson at the SkyWest booth

Marie Becker and Crystal Jorgenson at the SkyWest booth



Experience the Adventure in Moab, Utah!


Layne Watson
Corporate Communications Specialist

Moab, Utah is rapidly becoming known as the adventure capital of the United States thanks to its thousands of miles of biking trails, access to two scenic rivers and world class hiking for people of all skill levels. While it’s true that there are other destinations that offer the same activities, few can compete with the beautiful backdrop of red sandstone and hundreds of natural arches sprawling across the two national parks.

With new, daily Delta Connection flights, operated by SkyWest Airlines, visitors can now take in the beauty of Moab with a bird’s eye view before touching down at Canyonlands Field and heading off to experience the adventure of a lifetime.


For the outdoor enthusiast that enjoys hiking and camping, Arches National Park is first on the agenda. With the largest concentration of natural sandstone arches in the world and numerous other astounding geological formations, the park is the perfect location to fulfill that burning need for adventure. There are several shorter trails that are ideal for the whole family or longer trails that will test the will but reward those that tackle the challenge. The Double-O Arch, Tower Arch, Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, and Devil’s Garden trails are must see attractions for those that visit Arches. And with plenty of camping throughout the park, visitors can spend time seeing it all.

Famous for its incredible mountain bike terrain, including 100 miles of White Rim Road at the Island in the Sky, Canyonlands is the largest National Park in Utah. From the Island in the Sky, bikers can ride while overlooking the natural wonders of the park. Canyonlands also provides access to two breathtaking rivers. The Colorado River and Green River cut through layered sandstone to form two deep canyons, perfect for canoeing, kayaking and other shallow-water activities. Upstream from the Confluence, the rivers remain mild for beginners or families. Below the Confluence, the combined flow of the two rivers spill down Cataract Canyon with remarkable speed and power, creating world-class white water rapids.


Of course, after a long day of fun and adventure, Moab visitors are sure to have a healthy appetite. Nothing tops off the day better than a trip to Jeffrey’s Steakhouse and Ghost Bar located in the heart of Moab. Enjoy premium Nebraska steak and fine wine that will surely leave the body relaxed, refueled and ready to tackle tomorrow’s adventure.

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International Falls –An Exciting All-Season Destination!

International Falls pic1

Laura Hesson

Known for having “More to Explore,” Minnesota is a fantastic place to have an adventure. And there’s no better place to start than in International Falls! From winter festivities and must-see natural attractions to international access that is literally within walking distance, the “Icebox of the Nation” has something for everyone. Check out some of the following ideas to begin planning your trip today!

For cold-weather lovers, it doesn’t get much better than International Falls where the high temperature in January averages just 2.7 °F. Of course, as the temperature drops, the cities begin bustling with activities like ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and more. Plus, the Icebox Days are held every year in January and annual events like the Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run are a massive hit with spectators and participants alike.

Located directly across from Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada, International Falls serves as a gateway to the United States’ northern neighbor. Be sure to visit the International Bridge connecting the two cities! Bikers and pedestrians can cross free of charge while motorists can drive across the bridge for a small toll. Don’t forget, all travelers must be cleared through U.S. or Canadian Customs.

For those wondering where International Falls gets its name, look no further than the International Bridge. The falls, though no longer visible, are located directly under the bridge. The power from the falls was harnessed with the building of a dam in 1909 and the hydroelectric energy continues to fuel the local Boise paper mill. The mill offers tours in June, July and August and is listed as one of the top 18 plant tours in the country.

From International Falls, visitors enjoy convenient access some of the country’s most pristine and moving natural attractions, including the picturesque Voyageurs National Park. This park features more than 200,000 acres of breathtaking scenery composed of interconnected waterways, islands, campsites and wildlife. Another favorite attraction is Smokey Bear Park, located just three miles from the Falls International Airport. Visitors are welcomed to the park by a 26-foot, 82-ton, replica of Smokey the Bear. Bike trails are also abundant throughout the area, including one of northern Minnesota’s most scenic trails that begins in International Falls and ends near the Rainy Lake Visitor Center entrance to Voyageurs National Park.


Summers are another great time to visit International Falls with temperatures normally in the 70s and an abundance of sunshine. In July, visitors will want to see the annual International Tug-of-War, Pulling for Peace, across the Rainy River. This favorite event takes place each July 2 as teams of tuggers in Fort Frances and International Falls try to take home the coveted trophy. Then in August, the International Falls Bass Championship gets underway, drawing numerous anglers for two days of events and fun activities for all ages.

When in International Falls, be sure to stop at the Chocolate Moose Restaurant for a family meal with portions so huge and so good that a second trip is almost always required. If a quick fix is in order, stop by the Coffee Landing Café and grab a scone – available throughout the day.

At the end of the day, the Historic Kettle Falls Hotel is a great place to stay. Guests can also take in the scenic view from the dam which controls the lake levels, and is uniquely accessible by boat or ferry service only. Hosts Rick and Barb at the nostalgic Hilltop Motel also offer an alternative lodging choice that present a traveler’s oasis akin to yesteryear.

Come and see for yourself all the interesting, beautiful and memorable sights International Falls has to offer. SkyWest Airlines offers convenient, daily Delta flights to International Falls from Minneapolis. Book today at

SkyWest Family Member Finishes in Top 10 for Olympic Snowboard Halfpipe!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.49.35 PM

Layne Watson
Corporate Communications Specialist

The people working at SkyWest Airlines are truly what makes the company great. And SkyWest pride was running high as 18-year-old Kent Callister, son of Kim Callister, a SkyWest flight attendant based in SFO, made his Olympic debut in Sochi. Kent is the first Australian man to finish in the top 10 in the snowboard halfpipe at the Olympics.

Kent moved with his family from the Gold Coast in Australia to Oregon when he was 10. He came up through the U.S. junior snowboarding ranks and was even invited to the U.S. team. Kent chose to join the Australian team because of their amazing training program and with the hope of one day going to the Olympics.

Even as he was making his way through the senior international ranks, Kent didn’t expect he would ever be included among the ten best in the world at Sochi. In fact, he just learned his two different double corks in the weeks leading up to the games but has shown considerable composure to perform them for the first time under the pressure of Olympic competition.

“It was more than I ever expected,” said Kent when he reached the final. “It was just unreal, that’s the best contest I’ve ever been in. It was the best day of my life too. I just had so much fun out there riding with everyone.’’

“We could not be prouder of our son!” says Kim. “He is not only an amazing athlete, but he is the kindest, most sincere, fun-loving child we could ask for (besides our daughter)!”

Congratulations, Kent on an amazing performance!


Experience the Thrilling CopperDog150 in Houghton!

CopperDog 150

Nicole Johnson
Station General Manager

With an average annual snowfall of 241 inches, it should come as no surprise that residents living near Houghton, Mich. in the Upper Peninsula have chosen to embrace the cold weather and all of the exhilarating opportunities it brings – especially the annual CopperDog 150 and CopperDog 40. These annual sled dog races bring together mushers from around the world to Calumet, Mich. – just a few miles north of Houghton – for an event unlike anything else in the world.

The CopperDog races are usually held on the first weekend in March (Feb. 28 – March 2 in 2014) and feature a mixture of professional and recreational teams. The mushers, along with 440 sled dogs, will spend upwards of three days traveling across miles of pristine, rolling, back-country trails. All along the way, they are greeted by cheering volunteers who help with the dogs, provide housing, oversee trail crossings and ensure the safety of everyone involved. For spectators, the community holds “Meet the Dogs” events and even free sled dog rides to help educate everyone on the history and sport of sled dog racing.

After the races, visitors can continue enjoying Houghton’s winter wonderland by hitting the slopes at Mont Ripley. Besides its ideal locale – right between Hancock and Houghton cities on the campus of Michigan Tech – Mont Ripley is known for having the most snow in the Midwest. The ski area features 24 trails, three lifts and 112 acres of skiable terrain, and is perfectly designed for skiers of every level.

With two daily United Express flights from Houghton County Memorial Airport (CMX) to Chicago (ORD), operated by SkyWest, it’s easy to get to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. To get started on an unforgettable, snow-filled adventure, go to and book a flight today!


Family Fun in Fort Wayne!

Fort Wayne Downtown

Rob Brewer
Emerging Media Coordinator

Established more than 200 years ago as a fort during the American Revolutionary War, For Wayne, Ind. is the seat of Allen County and the center of a bustling metropolis. And as Indiana’s second largest city, Fort Wayne has an incredible offering of attractions and activities that are affordable, accessible and family-friendly.

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is internationally recognized for its innovative displays, award-winning animal exhibits and well-manicure grounds. Every aspect of the 38-acre facility is intended to delight the young and the young-at-heart. Here families can enjoy a canoe ride through the Australian Adventure exhibit after walking through the kangaroo yard. Sea Lion Beach is a state-of-the-art sea lion exhibit where daily behavioral training sessions are one of the most popular attractions. More than 500,000 people visit this wonderland annually and have given it a 9.6 out of 10 rating for being an exceptional zoo to visit. It is definitely a must stop on any family foray into Fort Wayne when it reopens on April 26, 2014!

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

The next stop on a weekend of family fun in Fort Wayne should be the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory where nature is always in season! This oasis nestled in the heart of downtown showcases a multitude of indoor and outdoor exhibits, including the Tropical Garden where orchids and palms thrive year-round and the scenic vistas and shaded paths of the Exploration Garden. Families with younger children are encouraged to check out the Family Garden Close-Up class which features a different garden every month to help visitors learn fun and educational facts about plants and gardens!

Parview Field Fort Wayne

Of course, nothing is quite as exciting or brings a family together like enjoying America’s national pastime with the Fort Wayne TinCaps at Parkview Field! The TinCaps offer more for families than just a game, fans also enjoy the diverse entertainment available during games throughout the season and monthly theme nights – every Friday night in 2014 – where everyone is encouraged to have fun by dressing to match the nightly theme.

Fort Wayne’s myriad of affordable family entertainment options make it a must-see destination for anyone interested in unique, wholesome fun. And with the addition of a fourth daily flight to Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) from Chicago (ORD) in April, SkyWest Airlines is helping to ensure that not a single TinCap game is missed! Visit to book a flight and begin planning a trip today.