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Happy Pride Month!

June is Pride Month and SkyWest is honored to recognize our people! This month, we will be sharing stories from across the system highlighting some of those who make us the best regional airline in the industry.

Cross Utilized Agent Jamie K. joined SkyWest in 2021 at Marquette Sawyer Regional Airport (MQT). It was there that she found not only a career she loves, but also the woman who is now her wife.

While working on the ramp, Jamie met Anania T., a previous SkyWest cross utilized agent. With a shared passion for aviation, it didn’t take long for love to take flight and two years later, they got married on the same Delta ramp.

For them, Pride Month is all about love.

“Pride month, to me, provides an opportunity for everyone to get some additional exposure to LGBTQIA2S+ lives and love,” Jamie shared. “It can provide people with visuals and stories that help normalize our lives, and bring us from the margins to the center, in the hopes of the general population gaining more empathy and understanding.”

“All love is good,” Anania added. “Love is love and love is good.”

In general, being part of the LGBTQ+ community is being yourself and being accepted for that. 

“You can be your true self,” Anania said. “It is all okay. There is nothing wrong with or abnormal about you. If you follow your heart and are the path to finding love, everything will work out. Be true to who you are and everything will work out.”

At SkyWest, the couple says they “have had nothing but positive and respectful experiences.” Their manager even went out of their way to figure out how to have their ceremony on the ramp and a coworker marshalled them down to say their vows.

The couple is now soaring to new heights in their career: Anania is pursuing her private pilot’s license and Jamie is considering joining a maintenance program. They also have dreams of bush flying in Alaska and spending their free time in Hawaii.

SkyWest is proud to celebrate Pride Month and share the stories of our people. 

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