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2018-IAFS-SkyWest CEO Chip Childs

SkyWest CEO Chip Childs Presents at International Aviation Forecast Summit

Nearly 400 airline executives, aircraft manufacturers and industry leaders gathered together in Denver for the 23rd Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit (IAFS) this week to talk about the future of aviation.

The topics discussed included new industry trends, aircraft orders, deliveries and ways to enhance the customer service experience. The four-day event consisted of presentations and discussions from top aviation professionals and senior executives throughout the world, including SkyWest, Inc. President, and Chief Executive Officer, Chip Childs.

Speaking to a large crowd, Childs talked about the success of the company now in its 46th year and how it has become one of the largest regional airlines in the world. With over 17,000 employees operating more nearly 3,000 daily flights, SkyWest Inc., continues to soar to new heights.


One of the key points in Childs’ presentation was how SkyWest Inc., sits on a solid foundation thanks to its employees as the company attracts and retains some of the top talent in the industry. Combined with a growing fleet and partnerships, pilot pathway programs and being able to adapt and evolve has helped the company continues to deliver what our passengers want, and what our partners need.

So far this year, SkyWest Inc., has signed new and extended flying agreements with several of our mainline partners (American, Delta and United), as well as opening up new domiciles and facilities across the United States. In 2018 alone, SkyWest has seen its fleet grow dramatically with 30 new aircraft — and growing every day. To date, SkyWest has taken delivery of 19 new jets, with 20 more deliveries expected by the end of the year.

Not only is the company the largest regional airline operator in the world, but pilots coming to SkyWest can expect to fly more new planes than any other regional carrier. This past month, the company received the first-ever CRJ 900 jet with its new state-of-the-art ATMOSPHERE cabin. The aircraft comes equipped with all the latest technology improvements to give passengers a comfortable flight, including the first use of mood lighting on a regional jet.

What makes SkyWest so great is its people, team culture to go along with its guiding principles of respect, teamwork, service, fairness and consistency. This has helped the company evolve and grow despite some challenging times in the aviation industry. Operating over 2,200 flights each day to nearly 250 destinations throughout North America, the company’s growth continues to soar thanks to its 17,000 aviation professionals.

2018-IAFS-SkyWest CEO Chip Childs